Twins Olivia and Violet Shipp are born to xenobiologists Doctors Katherine and John Shipp.


Viola dies of an auto immune disease and unbeknownst to Olivia, her parents replace her with an android replica.  Over the next 14 years, in order to protect the secret, Violet is confined to being indoors under the guise of still being ill.  It is planned that Olivia will be told about Viola on their 18th birthday.


After moving around fifteen different colony worlds since the children were born, the Shipps take an assignment on Zagreus.  Orbiting twin suns, the Earth-like planet teems with native flora and fauna.

Three months into the assignment, a team including John Shipp investigates a derelict in orbit.  All aboard are killed and the derelict crashes unleashing an Alien infestation.  One of Olivia’s school mates, Paul Gladney, is among the first killed.  Viola’s secret is exposed, triggering anti-android sentiment in some Zagreus locals.  Katherine sacrifices herself enabling Olivia, her girlfriend Kora Burton, Michel Petrov, Juan, Lin and Alisa along with Viola to escape back to the main colony.  Before they can all get into the colony however, Michel and Viola are taken by the Aliens.

Olivia and Kora go after them in an ATV and find the Alien hive.  Both Michel and Katherine are comatose and stuck to the wall, having been impregnated by facehuggers.  Viola has been damaged, resulting in her needing to be decapitated so they can take her with them.

They return to the colony, intending to evacuate in the Shipp’s shuttle and find it has been turned into a slaughterhouse.  Kora’s mother Delia, the colony governor who arranged the purchase of the derelict to be used for scrap – has been impregnated, but is attacked by an Alien spawned from a Lion-worm – a local predatory species.  It rips Delia in half killing the unborn embryo she is carrying.

Attracted to pheromones that were accidentally spilled on Viola, the Alien chases the girls, but is ultimately killed when Olivia lures it onto a catwalk, then shoots out the supports sending it falling into a pile of sharp scrap metal.

The shuttle, While There’s Hope, launches into orbit and sends out a distress signal.

NOTES: Date sourced from internal Fox documents. Olivia Shipp was due to return as marine in Aliens – Colonial Marines – Rising Threat set in 2177, but the series was cancelled in 2019 when writer Brian Wood was fired after being credibly accused – not for the first time – of sexual misconduct.