The Weyland Century (1990-2104)

1990 (October 1)

Peter Weyland born in Mumbai, India to an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self taught engineer.


2004 (October 1)

Peter Weyland is granted his twelfth registered patent – a Method Patent for a synthetic trachea.

Estimate sourced from Official Weyland Timeline.

2012 (October 11)

Weyland Corporation is recognised as a legal entity and corporation under US law, with a higher market value than any company in history.

2015 (March 27)

Weyland Corporation launches a mission to install solar panels in space.

2015 (June 30)

Energy gathered from orbital solar panels nets Peter Weyland his first billion. Weyland Industries receives further funding from a trio of major venture capital firms.

2016 (February 2)

Global warming is effectively ended when Peter Weyland sets up a prototype atmosphere processor, synthesizing a localised synthetic atmosphere, above the polar ice cap.

2016 (July 17)

Peter Weyland is knighted.

2017 (December 10)

Sir Peter Weyland is given a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with atmospheric processing.

2017 (December 19)

Weyland acquires technology NASA’s Project Prometheus. The Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter mission is revived by Weyland Industries and simple lifeforms are discovered in Europa’s ocean.

2022 (June 1)

The Weyland Industries Health Division research in genetics and using extraterrestrial elements, results in the release of an effective cure to 98% of cancers.

2023 (February 4)

Sir Peter Weyland is awarded another Nobel Peace Prize for his cancer cure.

2023 (February 28)

Sir Peter Weyland gives a TED talk outlining his vision for the next 50 years.

2023 (August 5)

Weyland Industries is granted patent 8,128,899 for Method and Apparatus for cybernetic individuals.

2024 (May 10)

Weyland military engineers make significant advancements in rifling technology, tripling speed and doubling accuracy of projectiles.

2024 (September 6)

Weyland Industries begins marketing the Holographic Environment Simulator.

2024 (September 10)

Weyland military engineers introduce the Storm Rifle – a weapon that can determine a target’s health and physique as well as track them from over 500km away.

2025 (January 7)

The first advanced android prototype – David 1 – is manufactured. The name ‘David’ is the name Weyland reserved should he ever have a human son.

2026 (March 22)

Patent 9,158,239 is granted to Weyland Industries for an advanced polyurethane compound capable of almost prefectly replicating the biological features and texture of human skin.

2026 (June 3)

Patent number 10,445,075 is granted to Weyland military for self-adjusting crosshair that compensates for wind and Coriolis effect.

2026 (September 30)

Weyland Corporation acquires the world’s largest public biotech firm.

2026 (November 18)

Weyland buys out the under funded Kepler mission from NASA and increase it’s funding tenfold. 6,546 more bio-compatible planets are found within the next few months.

2028 (January 1)

The David 2 android is produced.

2028 (March 31)

Weyland Industries become the first company to achieve a market capitalisation of $100 billion in five years.

2028 (May 20)

Weyland scientists discover the process of putting a body into stasis or hypersleep.

2029 (August 9)

Sir Peter Weyland makes good on his boast “There are other worlds than this one, and if there is no air to breathe, we will simply have to make it”, when patent 11,280,599 is granted for the first fully-automated atmospheric processor.

2029 (September 18)

Weyland Corporation acquires CERN including it’s particle accelerator and other facilities when EU funding runs out.

2029 (December 12)

A long running patent lawsuit regarding the David android against Japanese start-up Yutani Corporation is settled in Weyland Corporations favour.

2030 (July 27)

A practical use for hypersleep is patented (12,004,556) with the production of the first hypersleep chambers. This enables longer and more advanced space missions.

2031 (August 10)

Terraforming begins on the moon, with permanent settlements to follow.

2032 (April 3)

Weyland Corporation acquires four of the world’s largest defence contractors.

2032 (May 20)

Weyland scientists discover that faster than light travel is possible, after finding an inverse relationship between velocity and the flow of time.

2033 (October 4)

Dr Richard Post, a Chief Statistican in the Electronics Division, becomes Weyland Corporation’s one millionth employee.

2034 (January 17)

The Heliades – the first FTL-capable space exploration vehicle, is introduced.

2035 (May 11)

The National Science Foundation lifts restrictions regarding the commercial use of David model synthetics.

2035 (June 30)

Third generation David androids are deployed internally within Weyland Corporation to test human acceptance.

2035 (July 21)

New Weyland offices are opened in countries such as Greece, Antarctica, El Salvador and South Africa, amongst others.

2036 (August 25)

The Explorers Academy is launched, where underprivileged college students are educated in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, cybernetics and terraforming. Top graduates are offered positions at Weyland Industries.

2037 (December 15)

Weyland Industries is named the number one ‘best company to work for’ by Fortune 500.

2037 (December 21)

An area of space rich in minerals and other natural resources is christened ‘The Outer Veil’ by Weyland astronomers.

2038 (July 4)

Weyland Industries becomes chief employer of Asian Conflict veterans.

2039 (March 2)

Patent 13,345,075 is granted for an add-on feature of the Weyland Storm Rifle, that compensates for composition, density, pressure and refractive index of any atmosphere.

2039 (May 14)

LV-426 is discovered orbiting a gas giant in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system.

See notes below regarding this one.

2039 (May 28)

The first breathable atmosphere is created on an extrasolar planet following the deployment of a Weyland Atmosphere Processor.

2042 (April 1)

The David 4 android becomes the first commercially available android, sold to home and business customers.

2042 (August 18)

Following a government tender, Weyland Industries build and maintain a Class E Correctional Unit on HD 85512 b. Inmates are relocated from Earth and many are eventually rehabilitated.

2042 (November 20)

The Little Explorers charity for troubled middle school students interested in science and technology, is established after Weyland Industries invests $5 billion.

2043 (July 4)

Metals mined from the Gliese 581 system lead to the creation of a 5.56mm ballistic round capable of travelling at max velocity in any atmosphere and any range.

See notes below regarding this one.

2051 (August 1)

Daniel Lopé born.


2051 (April 19)

The RT01 Group Transport is developed.

2052 (February 14)

Patent 14,524,002 is granted for Weyland Corporation’s ATV NR6, the first manned land vehicle capable of negotiating vertical terrain.

2052 (July 7)

The David 5 synthetic humanoid, with major intellectual and emotional updates, is released.

2055 (August 1)

Weyland is named among the top 50 companies for Executive Women by the National Association for Female Executives.

2056 (January 29)

The patent for a mechanised exo-skeleton for heavy lifting and transport is granted (15,725,924). Weyland Industries subsidiary, Caterpillar develops the Power Loader for commercial application.

Caterpillar is a speculatory reference to the loader manufacturer in Aliens.

2056 (July 8)

Christopher Oram born.


2057 (August 7)

Meredith Vickers, daughter of Sir Peter Weyland, is born.


2058 (November 1)

Charlie Holloway is born in the US.


2059 (July 22)

A flame based decontamination pack that uses ambient atmosphere as a self replenishing fuel is developed by Weyland Industries.

2060 (August 9)

Weyland Industries introduces the Broca Dialectical Implant – a language learning tool that requires no learning by the user.

2061 (October 2)

Karine Oram born.


2061 (September 2)

The first fully-automated diagnosis and surgical station – the Medpod 720i – is patented by Weyland Industries (16,572,092).

2061 (December 28)

Elizabeth M Shaw is born in England.


Based on Noomi Rapace’s age.  This date was used in The Weyland-Yutani Report.  Alan Dean Foster used a year of 2059 in the Alien Covenant novelisation, based on advice from Fox. I’ve chosen to stay with my original date, and explain the discrepancy by saying David is an unreliable narrator in the novelisation – already borne out in the film with the Byron/ Shelley mistake.

2062 (February 26)

The sixth generation David droid is tested among consumers. Only 7% of people can recognise it as being cybernetic.

2063 (December 1)

The spectagraph – an anti-gravity 3D mapping device – is patented by Weyland Corporation (17,900,353).

2064 (August 11)

A new advanced EVA suit, including a number of Weyland patented features such as a cadmium exo-skeleton, info display, vital signs of the wearer and environmental stats, is developed.

2065 (June 23)

Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library is built in Washington, DC.

2065 (November 20)

The US government approaches Weyland Industries about forming a colonial peacekeeping force.

2065 (April 9)

Jacob Branson born.


2065 (December 29)

Tennessee born.


2066 (April 7)

The market penetration of the David synthetic is increased following a reduction in production costs.

2067 (March 3)

Daniels is born.


2068 (July 6)

David 7 is deployed across colonised space. Human acceptance reaches record highs following classified new emotional encoding. It can accurately replicate most human emotions and consistently achieves all mission objectives.

2069 (April 7)

David 8 prototype activated by Peter Weyland.

Estimate only. More info.

2069 (November 25)

Margaret ‘Maggie’ Faris born.


2070 (June 21)

Ricks born.


2070 (June 30)

The FDA approves the Medpod 720i unit. 12 are immediately produced for home use with tens of thousands on back order.

2071 (May 13)

Weyland Industries become a Worldwide Olympic Partner as well as official “Cybernetics Company” of the Olympics through to 2091.

2071 (August 16)

The Synapse Re-establisher, a device that can temporarily restart brain activity in a corpse, is patented (18,364,003).

2072 (March 9)

Weyland Corporation is restructured into seven divisions – Health, Transportation, Energy, Electronics, Terraforming, Security and Cybernetics.

2075 (May 24)

Upworth born.


2076 (May 12)

Sarah Rosenthal born.

2083 (January 1)

Weyland astronomers determine the co-ordinates for a new destination for the long dormant Project Prometheus.

This obviously doesn’t refer to LV-223, and was originally listed as taking place in 2073 on the Weyland Corporate Timeline. I’ve shifted it forward 10 years to try and tie it in to the 2089 date in the film.


Yutani Corporation releases it’s ‘Quiet Eye’ Photo-Polygraph video communication technology.

Based on the date taken from the ‘Quiet Eye’ promotional video. The ‘2074’ has been revised to 2084 to conform with other data taken from this clip. See below.


Doctors Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway find a cave painting on the Isle of Skye in Scotland of a figure pointing to a number dots. The same image has been discovered in other locations around the world created by cultures who never had any contact with each other across centuries. Shaw is convinced it’s an invitation by an ‘Engineer’ race for mankind to travel to the stars to find them – the dots being a starmap.

2089 (March)

Dr Elizabeth Shaw starts trying to contact Sir Peter Weyland about her discovery from Glasgow, Scotland.

Based on the date 4/8/2079 on the Quiet Eye Prometheus promo vid. I’ve revised the ‘2079’ date to 2089 to conform with the film. Location is taken from the co-ordinates seen in the aforementioned video.

2091 (June 22)

Peter Weyland records a holographic message from his home on Mars to the future crew of the Prometheus.

2091 (August 6)

USCSS Prometheus launches, bound for an undisclosed destination.

2093 (December 25) – Morning

The crew of the USCSS Prometheus is woken as they approach LV-223 in the Zeta 2 Reticuli star system.  Holloway and Shaw brief them on their mission to try and find the ‘Engineers’.

2093 (December 25) – Afternoon

They land in the afternoon and begin exploring and mapping a nearby structure.  After determining the structure has a breathable atmosphere, Shaw, Holloway, geologist Fifield, biologist Millburn, ships doctor Ford and synthetic David, discover a large humanoid body that has been decapitated by a door.  Fifield and Millburn elect to return to the ship.  David opens the door and they find the body’s head inside a large chamber full of sealed urns.

2093 (December 25) – Sunset

A huge storm approaches and captain Janek tells the team outside to immediately return to the Prometheus. Shaw and Ford bring the head back, while David secretly takes one of the urns.  They find that Fifield and Millburn have gotten lost inside the structure and Janek tells them they’ll have to wait out the storm overnight.

2093 (December 25) – Night

Shaw and Ford find that the DNA of the head is identical to human DNA.  Holloway meanwhile unwittingly drinks some champagne that David has contaminated with a black oily substance that he found in the urn.  He later has sexual intercourse with Shaw.

Inside the structure Fifield and Millburn find themselves back in the room with the urns – that are now slowly flooding the floor with the black ‘oil’.  Millburn is attacked and killed by a large snake like creature, while Fifield falls face first into the ‘oil’.

2093 (December 26) – Morning

Janek leads a team comprising of Shaw, Holloway, David, Ford co-pilot Chance and security guard Jackson by to the structure to find Fifield and Millburn.  They find Millburn’s body in the urn room, but return to the Prometheus when Holloway is taken ill – infected by the ‘oil’ David put in his drink.  Believing he is beyond saving he encourages Vickers to incinerate him by trying to break ship quarantine.

David meanwhile discovers a living Engineer in hypersleep.

2093 (December 26) – Afternoon

A shocked Shaw wakes up in the medical suite to be told by David that she is pregnant – which should be impossible.  It isn’t however a human child.  She breaks out of medical and extracts a squidlike creature using an automated MedPod.  A horribly mutated Fifield returns to the ship and kills a number of crew members before being incinerated.  Shaw discovers that Peter Weyland who was secretly on board has woken and being taken by David, Ford and Jackson to meet the last Engineer – despite Shaw’s protests.

The Engineer when woken, decapitates David and kills, Ford, Jackson and Weyland.  Shaw narrowly escapes and it is revealed that a huge ship is underground and the Engineer intends to take off – for Earth according to David.  With thousands of urns containing the black oil.  At Shaw’s urging, Janek smashes the Prometheus into the Engineer’s ship, bringing it down.  Vickers, who escaped the Prometheus, is crushed under the alien ship when it crashes. The Engineer confronts Shaw, but Shaw releases her ‘squid baby’ – now a gigantic tentacled creature – from the Prometheus’ lifeboat, which attacks the Engineer.  Shaw retrieves David’s remains from the downed alien ship.

The distance mentioned in the film doesn’t correlate with the actual distance mentioned in the film by several light years.  However material outside the film including the Prometheus blu-ray and Weyland Yutani Report confirm it is indeed Zeta 2 Reticuli.

2094 (January 1)

Shaw, the sole surviving human member of the Prometheus, departs LV-223 on another of the Engineers Juggernauts.  She rewires David and together they set course for a planet, believing it to be the Engineers homeworld. Shaw leaves a message behind warning other ships not to approach the planet.  Shaw goes into hypersleep.

2094 (December)

The Juggernaut arrives at an uncharted Engineer world. David releases a pathogen that wipes out all non-botanical life.


After fierce competition from other concerns, Weyland is bought by Yutani Corporation, and becomes Weyland-Yutani Corporation.  Hideo Yutani names Weyland first in the partnership out of respect for Peter Weyland’s achievements.

2103 (mid-December)

Several attempts are made to sabotage the colonisation mission being mounted by Weyland-Yutani in the form of USCSS Covenant.  Sergeant Daniel Lopé, security chief, is targeted, while Jenny Yutani, the daughter of Company CEO, manages to foil her own abduction attempt.  Daniels, on the Covenant averts a bombing crisis.  Hideo Yutani manages to trace the sabotage to a group called the Earthsavers; fanatics convinced that the nightmares of their leader, Duncan Fields, are premonitions Earth’s destruction by monsters from the stars.

Lopé, along with Sarah Rosenthal, manage to route the group and capture Fields. A final attempt at destroying the Covenant by ramming it with a cargo shuttle is thwarted when pilot, Tennessee reprograms Lander 2 to intercept it – destroying both vessels.

Alien Covenant – Origins novel.  It is mentioned that the Covenant “is scheduled to depart in a few short weeks”.  Could be anything between 2 and 4 weeks. 

2104 (January 5)

The Covenant launches from Earth orbit, bound for Origae-6 over 8 years travel time away.

2104 (December 5)

USCSS Covenant decelerates from lightspeed and initiates a scheduled recharge. The ship is hit by the shockwave from a nearby stellar ignition, damaging and disabling a number of systems. Forty seven colonists in hypersleep are killed. The crew are woken, but Captain Branson’s cryotube won’t open and a fire breaks out, incinerating him.

While effecting repairs, pilot Tennessee picks up a signal of human origin emanating from a planet a short distance away. Walter, the ships synthetic, determines it’s a much better prospect from colonisation than their current destination. Captain Oram decides to change course to investigate and has the support of much of the crew. His first officer Daniels objects.

2104 (December 19) – Day

The Covenant arrives in orbit over the uncharted ‘Planet 4’ (16EG14). Faris pilots the lander through a plasma storm down the surface, carrying Oram, Daniels, Walter, and Karine, along with the security team made up of Lopé, Hallet, Rosenthal, Ankor, Cole and Ledward. They discover a crashed spaceship of unknown type, but also find the personal effects of Dr Elizabeth Shaw.

Karine stops to take some biological samples and Ledward disturbs a mote emitter. The motes enter his ear canal and he soon becomes ill. Karine takes him back to the lander where a Neomorph rips out of his back and kills Karine. A panicked Faris tries to shoot it, but inadvertently blows up the lander. Hallet has also been invaded by motes and a Neomorph erupts from his mouth.  As Daniels tries to contact the ship, the larger Neomorph, having survived the lander explosion attacks, biting off one of Walter’s hands and killing Ankor.  They manage to kill it, but the smaller Neomorph returns, and wounds Rosenthal, until someone nearby launches a flare.

2104 (December 19) – Night

David, formerly of the Prometheus, leads the survivors to an ancient city, littered with dead and distorted bodies. He explains that a pathogen deployed when he and Shaw arrived on the Juggernaut and killed everything. Their ship crashed and Shaw was killed. Lopé and Cole try to make contact with the Covenant in orbit but have little success.

2104 (December 20) – Night

In the early hours, Rosenthal is killed by the full grown Neomorph, which Oram kills. David tricks Oram into looking into an Alien egg he created and the captain is impregnated by a facehugger. When the Covenant drops to a lower orbit they’re able to make contact and Daniels tells Tennessee to fly the cargo lift down to pick them up. It’s revealed the Shaw didn’t die in the crash. David used her for his experiments and eventually killed her. David shuts down Walter and attacks Daniels, intending to use her for his next round of work.

Lopé and Cole find Oram, dead from a chestburster and are set upon by another facehugger. It manages to attach itself to Lopé before Cole can cut it off, badly burning Lopé with acid. The Alien that burst from Oram kills Cole and Lopé staggers away searching for Daniels.

2104 (December 20) – Dawn

Walter, having rebooted, fights David while Daniels and Lopé run outside to meet the cargo lift. Daniels and Lopé are joined by Walter – and also joined by the Alien. Daniels battles it, eventually crushing it in with the ships crane claw.

2104 (December 20) – Day

Back on the Covenant, Upworth tends to Lopé’s wounds and Tennessee check the ships systems readying to resume on course for Origae-6. While Tennessee takes Mother offline for a diagnostic check, a chestburster emerges from Lopé. Daniels and Tennessee search for it assisted by Walter and Mother, but it kills Ricks and Upworth before anyone can warn them. Daniels and Tennessee eventually manage to lure it into the terraforming bay, where they use heavy machinery to eject it into space.

Returning to hypersleep, Daniels realizes too late that David, being identical to Walter, has switched places and now has nearly 2000 colonists at his disposal and all the time he needs to continue his horrific experiments.

Dates for the events in Covenant are based around the December 5, 2104 date mentioned on screen.  Walter says they have 7 more recharges over the course over the next 7 years and four months.  This equates to around 11 months travel time between jumps – and from this I have gone with them being 335 days from Earth.  Ricks says it’s ‘a few weeks’ to Planet 4, however the number on a blurry and pixelated video screen appears to say ‘2 weeks’.  Supporting this data is the Covenant novelization saying that Daniels had been in hypersleep for months; not years. 

Most of the above information is taken straight from the Weyland Industries Timeline. Birth dates of Vickers, Holloway, Janek and Shaw are based on those of the actors who portrayed them.  The Weyland Timeline was developed at a time when the film was set in 2083 (as per Damon Lindelof’s Paradise script), rather than 2093, so some of the dates – particularly the later ones – have been shifted forward a decade to conform with the film.  Most have been left as-is.

July 4 2043 entry – This entry has been changed from the original source material, which states materials are seemingly mined from Gliese 581 in 2033 – some 20 light years from Earth – before the first faster than light space exploration vehicle is developed the following year. I’ve shifted it forward one decade.

May 14 2039 entry – The Weyland timeline says LV-426 is discovered “just outside the Zeta 2 Reticula [sic] System”. Typo aside, since there is no other star “just outside Zeta 2 Reticuli”, LV-426 is considered to be INSIDE the Z2R system. The nearest other star is it’s binary pair, Zeta 1 Reticuli – which would’ve rated a mention by Lambert in Alien had that been where they were heading.

Another questionable aspect is the proliferation of terraforming in the 21st century, which is presented as a fairly new thing to Ripley in Aliens (set in 2179).  One way around it is the ‘shake and bake’ model of terraforming could be fairly recent development in the 22nd century.

With thanks to Clara Fei-Fei for investigating the Shaw birthdate discrepancy and contacting Alan Dean Foster for more information.

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