Update 2022 (August 1)

Just added three new maps to the Astrocartography page.

First one is a map of LV-426 (Acheron) showing the position of the Derelict signal. I recently used this map for this video celebrating 100 years until a bunch of people get killed by an Alien on their spaceship.

The map is based on a piece Ron Cobb did for Alien. He had a small ‘x’ on it, I’m guessing to show the position of the Derelict, just north of the equator. As another map (below) seems to indicate they land in the southern hemisphere, I rotated it 180 degrees.

The second map shows the path Dallas, Lambert and Kane took to the Derelict from the Nostromo is is based on a screen graphic from the film seen in Ash’s science blister. Directions based on dialogue.

The third map is shows the position of the Hadley’s Hope colony in relation to the Derelict. This one is very loosely based on unrelated screen graphics from Aliens (available on Blu-Ray), the film (ie. the angle the Jorden’s approach from), dialogue, and resources such as the Alien Resurrection novelisation and The Weyland-Yutani Report that indicate the Derelict was within the 30km blast radius of the Hadley Atmosphere Processor. The registration for the colony and the numbers at the edge are based on Graham Langridge’s Blueprints book.

Differences in terrain between the second and third map can be explained by the same volcanic activity seen in Alien and that damaged the Derelict when the Jordens found it.

With thanks to Darrell Curtis of the Nostromo Files for his ideas, feedback, encouragement and slipping me a really hi-res scan of Ron Cobb’s map in the first place.

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