Update 2017 (October 26) – More Covenant dimensions

Slight update to the size of the Covenant.  After spending some time trying to work out if the length of the ship was accurate, I asked the demon blueprinter Graham Langridge for assistance.  He had been in contact with Steve Burg, one of the designers of Prometheus and Covenant, and revealed the actual length of the ship to be 1219.2m.  Which is a figure I never would’ve arrived at.  I was looking in the 750m ballpark.  Where the 500m size from The Art and Making of Alien Covenant came from is unknown.

More gratifying was the fact my (now updated) measurements for the Lander and Lifter were only a few metres off.

Graham’s blueprint book will be out next year through Titan Publishing.


Update 2017 (October 7) – Lines of Planet 4

Trawling through the Covenant Blu-ray again last night and stumbled across this.  About 1 hour 39 or so, just after the Lifter flies away from the city we see this birds eye shot of the Covenant.  Of particular note are the shapes on the surface at the bottom of the frame.

cov lines no highlight

More photos taken with mobile phone camera I’m afraid, so I’ve highlighted the relevant bits.

cov lines

It almost appears as if there’s a letter ‘I’ in there.

Another city, or something akin to Nazca?  Either way God still don’t build in straight lines.

Update 2017 (October 1) – Covenant and Advent Easter eggs

Nothing much to update, just a couple of Easter Eggs I found while poring over the Covenant Blu-Ray.

First at the very end of the film a familiar name when David strolls through the hypersleep vault.  Bit blurry but I think you get the idea.


Second is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing from the Advent extra.


Those co-ordinates are very close to Zeta 2 Reticuli (though the distance of 41.1 would seem to indicate it’s a couple of light-years the other side of).  Also of note is the message is relayed via KG-348 (Sevastopol) and Gliese 581 (about 20 light years from Earth in Libra – a long way from Z2R).