Update 2022 (August 1)

Just added three new maps to the Astrocartography page.

First one is a map of LV-426 (Acheron) showing the position of the Derelict signal. I recently used this map for this video celebrating 100 years until a bunch of people get killed by an Alien on their spaceship.

The map is based on a piece Ron Cobb did for Alien. He had a small ‘x’ on it, I’m guessing to show the position of the Derelict, just north of the equator. As another map (below) seems to indicate they land in the southern hemisphere, I rotated it 180 degrees.

The second map shows the path Dallas, Lambert and Kane took to the Derelict from the Nostromo is is based on a screen graphic from the film seen in Ash’s science blister. Directions based on dialogue.

The third map is shows the position of the Hadley’s Hope colony in relation to the Derelict. This one is very loosely based on unrelated screen graphics from Aliens (available on Blu-Ray), the film (ie. the angle the Jorden’s approach from), dialogue, and resources such as the Alien Resurrection novelisation and The Weyland-Yutani Report that indicate the Derelict was within the 30km blast radius of the Hadley Atmosphere Processor. The registration for the colony and the numbers at the edge are based on Graham Langridge’s Blueprints book.

Differences in terrain between the second and third map can be explained by the same volcanic activity seen in Alien and that damaged the Derelict when the Jordens found it.

With thanks to Darrell Curtis of the Nostromo Files for his ideas, feedback, encouragement and slipping me a really hi-res scan of Ron Cobb’s map in the first place.

Other recent videos:


Update 2022 (May 25)

Just uploaded a page for Infiltrator and Fireteam Elite. I wrote most of the Infiltrator stuff last year, but only recently got round to playing Fireteam Elite. And still can’t beat the last level, so… you know… Youtube walkthoughs.

Speaking of Youtube – lots of 3 Decades of Alien 3 goodness to be be had, with lots more in the pipe for the anniversaries of Alien Covenant, Prometheus and Resurrection.

Update 2021 (November 13) – Happy Birthday David

Alright that’s a bit misleading, but a few week back Maitland Eaves asked if I knew when David was activated. It’s something I’ve thought about, but never properly tried to work out. So here we are.

The release cycle for David android is anywhere between 3 and 10 years – average of 6.8. 

David 1 – 2025

David 2 – 2028 3 years

David 3 – 2035 7 years

David 4 – 2042 7 years

David 5 – 2052 8 years

David 6 – 2062 10 years

David 7 – 2068 6 years

It starts with a shorter cycle early on, then gets longer – presumably as synthetics become more advanced – but then shortens again between David 6 and 7.  It doesn’t really help us in terms of ascertaining when David 8 might have come online.  It’s not unreasonable to assume that Weyland was working on, or even finished the David 8 prototype we see at the start of Alien Covenant, by the time 7 was released.  So perhaps 2069.  This would make Weyland 79 years old.  He only appears to be in his fifties in the film (Guy Pearce was 49 when Covenant was being made).  On the other hand Weyland is obsessed with immortality and invented hypersleep.  Determining his exact age based solely on appearance is almost impossible.  Age ultimately catches up with though – or would’ve had the Engineer used his creations creation to undo aforementioned creation.

None of the available scripts feature the opening scene with Weyland and David, so we can’t get any hints there.  Neither does the novelisation offer any detail on timeframe.

The promo video ‘Happy Birthday David’ that came out in the lead up to Prometheus also offers no clues.  A passage in the Japanese translation of the Prometheus novelisation – thanks to Clara Carija – covers much the same ground as the ‘Happy Birthday David’ video (though he’s being asked questions by Vickers in the book) and mentions a date of 2089.  This would fit nicely with Prometheus, but not Covenant.

So taking all of that into account, I’m going with April 7 2069 as a creation date for the David we see in the films, April 7 being Michael Fassbender’s birthday.

Update 2021 (July 28)

Quick update to the Banned Histories regarding the recent Aliens: Aftermath comic. Scroll down to 2214 for the details and my reasons for excluding it from the other main part of the timeline.

A few months back, I also added the History of Ataegina in case you missed it. Big spoilers for Aliens Phalanx, so you might want to read the book first.

Stuff coming up shortly includes a timeline for the Infiltrator novel which is nearly done and the current Marvel comic series whenever this arc winds up. Plus some videos, though they’re taking some time to produce.

Update 2019 (June 23) – More videos

Done a bunch of vids in the last little while.

These two episodes of The Heroine’s Journey conclude series one.  Series two will feature the journeys of Shaw and Daniels in Prometheus and Alien Covenant.  They’ll probably be out later this year.

And here’s some more episodes of the Complete Record of Alien Encounters.

Update 2019 (May 14)


I’ve been a bit lax with updates for a while, and an update to include dates for the great new novel, Echo, by Seanan McGuire may or may not be on the cards shortly.  Got to check it with someone first.

In the meantime I’ve been releasing some videos since Alien Day last month.  Two series, one comparing the Alien films to The Hero’s Journey as espoused by Joseph Campbell; the other a study of each Alien encounter form the films based on some essays I wrote nearly 20 years ago.  The first series is planned to run for four episodes, then I may do two follow up series looking at the AvPs and the prequels.  The second series will have a series for each of the films from Alien to Resurrection and again, may have further series to cover the other films.

Current release schedule is one ep of one series per week.  Complete Encounters #1-3 will be out later this week.

Anyway, have a peak.


Update 2018 (July 25) – Spot The Prisoner video

New video up.

This was born out of working on the last video about the prisoners on Fiorina.  It needs to be noted that while I’m confident that Vincent and Martin are Nick Gillard and Mark Newman respectively, my assignments of Lawrence (Simon Crane), Christopher (Sean McCabe), Yanni (Rann Miner), and Ed (no idea), are guesses.  The names are taken from a script draft.

I can’t find any information on Rann Miner, nor can I link the character I’ve called Ed to any of the stunt players.

The still of Paul Jennings is taken from this doco about him trying to break into stunt work in the late 1980s.  He’s since gone on to work on a stack of movies like the Nolan Batman flicks and Game of Thrones.