Update 2018 (February 14) – Galactic Map tweaks

Added a couple of locations to the map that I’d previously missed, including Konor Minor and Cetii Epsilon. Konor Minor’s location is speculative. Cetii Epsilon (the fourth planet of which was the site of a Colonial Marine battle if Drake’s t-shirt in Aliens is anything to go by) is a real star system, though it’s named Epsilon Ceti (with only one ‘i’). I’ve used the (mis)spelling from the film on the map.

I’ve also nailed down an accurate location for Epsilon Reticuli (Thedus) thanks once again to Winchell Chung.


Update 2018 (February 7) – New Galactic Map

After a lot of mucking around I’ve finally compiled an updated galactic map.  As with the original version, a great deal is owed to Winchell Chung’s work.  I’ve adopted the much nicer looking boundaries for the Core Systems and Outer Rim that Fox created when they nicked the original map for the blu-ray menus.

In terms of accuracy, the following stuff is:

  • Any listed actual star system.
  • LV-426 and LV-223
  • Sevastopol
  • LV-44-40
  • Fiorina 161 (since Fox effectively canonised the original map for the aforementioned blu-ray menus)

Stuff that is either an estimate or a guess.

  • Thedus
  • Wright-Aberra
  • Planet 4
  • Origae-6
  • Kellerat
  • Skyfire Down
  • Liberty Echo
  • Torin Prime

Bon appetit.