The Banned Histories – Comics, novels and video games


I’ve included as many resources as I can here, without paying attention to the myriad contradictions and continuity errors. Many of the entries have the note ‘Estimate’. This may mean I’ve looked at elements of the story, for example, if there’s marines in it, if Xeno-Zip is mentioned, if the Alien-Earth War is referenced, connections to other stories, whether the general public know what an Alien is, etc, to arrive at an approximate date. ‘Estimate’ may also mean it’s a complete guess. Many of the comics, novels and games were created without paying close attention to exact year in which they took place so are impossible to accurately chronicle. This is amply displayed by the numerous times stories have returned to LV-426 – both the Derelict and colony, despite the destruction wrought in Aliens.

The Bug Hunt anthology novel was purposely written so some stories can be included as canonical and some not. Since I don’t know which is which, all have been included here rather than the main film-based timeline.

Game adaptations of the films as well as Alien Trilogy have not been included. Nor have the mini-comics that came with the Kenner action figures.

1.6 Billion BCE

A race dubbed the The Giants by Dr Lucien Keitel, controlled the Milky Way Galaxy. The Aliens ‘appeared’ and all but wiped them out. Fossils were left on Earth, predating other life on Earth by a billion years.

Dates mentioned in Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels. Keitel says the sleeping Giant had been there for ‘3 billion’ years, which contradicts other dates. It’s possible this was supposed to be ‘3 million’.

Circa 900 CE

According to legend, Rainulf the Wraith-Stalker and Lady Alwin defeat an Alien terrorising Viking villagers in Norway.

Aliens: Stalker. Estimate.

Circa 1340 CE

Li Yat Sen, a Chinese conman, witnesses a Predator ship crash. He consumes the dead pilot, enabling him to gain prolonged life.

AvP : Eternal. Estimate.

Circa 1350 CE

A knight named Georgi, slays a PredAlien brought to Earth when a Predator ship crashes near modern Brodilova, Bulgaria.

AvP : Old Secrets. Almost 700 years prior to modern portion of story, estimated to be in 2009. Father Metodi claims Georgi is St George, though the real St George is believed to have lived about 1000 years earlier.


Dr Daniel Ripley stops an Alien infestation on Earth before it can spread.

Aliens: Earth Angel. Estimate.


Abel Barrett, a Wayne Tech geologist, finds a downed unidentified space craft while doing a survey in Central America. He finds it infested with Xenomorphs and leaves a tape recording of what has transpired before the creaturs catch him.

Aliens: Incubation. Date based on publication date of comic.

2004 (October)

Aliens vs Predator

Aliens vs Predator : Requiem.


Father Metodi relates the story of St George who slew the Dragon (in reality a PredAlien brought to Earth when the Predator hosts ship crashed) near modern Brodilova in Bulgaria.

AvP : Old Secrets. Estimate. Comic has contemporary setting. Published in 1999 it starts with ‘Someday soon’.


Weyland Corporation is founded.


Faster Than Light travel made possible.


Gideon Lee (aka Li Yat Sen) dies aged approximately 738 years old, killed by Predators whom he had been harvesting for the preceeding seven centuries to sustain his own life.

AvP : Eternal. Estimate. Story appears to take place in the mid-21st century.


The UNIC starship Hornblower intercepts an XT ship orbiting Saturns moon, Iapetus. They find Alien eggs and the Hornblower is infested.

Aliens: Steel Egg. Estimate. Takes place in the 21st century, but references Weyland-Yutani which didn’t exist at that point.


Omnitech establishes a mining colony on Mira Ceti IV.

Aliens: Elder Gods

2093 (December)



Population of Mira Ceti mining colony is wiped out by Xenomorphs.

Aliens: Elder Gods

Yutani Corporation merges with Weyland MegaCorp to form Weyland-Yutani.


Omnitech rescue ship arrives at Mira Ceti IV and finds 104 dead and 428 missing. Cause unknown.

Aliens: Elder Gods

2103 (December)

Alien Covenant – Origins novel.

2104 (December)

Alien Covenant.


A science team at the Heaven/Hell station on Jupiter’s moon of Europa, sacrifices themselves to kill an Alien using a submersible and an undersea thermal vent.

Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven. The Europa station has been rusting away for decades. Notes at the end say large recently discovered lifeforms near thermal vents on Europa are unprecedented in the previous 50 years. Life orginally found on Europa in 2017 based on Weyland Corporate Timeline so this has to be at least 50 years later. Weyland Yutani exists so it must be post 2099.


Fossil evidence of lifeforms inhabiting Earth 1 billion years earlier then previously thought is discovered by the Gehelgod Institute in Australia’s Great Sandy Desert.

Occurs 26 year prior to the events in Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels




Dr Lucien Keitel discovers a derelict spacecraft in the Shambleau system.

Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels. Five years prior to the story taking place.


Alien Isolation


Keitel intercepts the Shambleau derelict in the Gehelgod starship Savannah.

Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels. One year after derelict is discovered.


Aliens: Defiance


Dr Natasha Pho is tasked with studying the Aliens of Tirgu Mires with Dr Kira Nix, by the Gehelgod Institute.

Aliens: Once In A Lifetime. Reference to Alectro Throop so am assuming this story takes place just before Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels.


The Gehelgod Institute hires Alecto Throop and her crew to mount a search and rescue mission for Dr Lucien Keitel, last believed to be in the Shambleau system.

Aliens: Apocalypse – The Destroying Angels. Takes place 20 years after the events of Alien.


The town of Emerson is established on a distant uncharted world, by the synthetic Meeker after the adult crew of the USS Emerson are killed by a virus. He raises the children and builds a village.

Aliens: Alchemy


Alien: Out of the Shadows


Rachel Miller-Hicks and her unit are lost trying to retrieve the starship Paradox four parsecs past Beta Triangulis Australis.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Reclamation. Estimate. Five years prior to Hicks’s own mission.


The M41A Pulse Rifle enters active service with USCM

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Episode 22.


Colonial Marines engage an extraterrestrial entity on the Shiname Maru.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Distressed. Estimate.


Corporal Dwayne Hicks and his unit are almost wiped out trying to find out what happened to the starship Paradox and the marine unit sent to find it five years earlier.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Reclamation. Estimate. Sometime before Aliens.


The Colonial Marines of the USS Montoro are wiped out by swarms of insects on LV-KR 115 while investigating a loss of contact with an industrial harvester.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Reaper. Estimate.


The android Bishop is brought online with his brothers Rook, Castle, Knight and King. At a later date he is deployed with USCM squad to Haarsa where he tries to free some people taken hostage by the pirate group known as Company F. Damaged and left behind, he eventually is salvaged by a Colonial Marine Sergeant named Apone and joins their platoon.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Broken. Estimate. Some time prior to Aliens.


Marines under Lt Emma Paulson land on Clytemnestra to try and regain contact with two missing science teams. After they’re attacked by flying creatures and suffer some casualties it’s revealed the creatures exhale an important element the Company needs in order to revolutionise space travel. They must capture one alive.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Blowback. Estimate. Some time prior to Aliens.


Colonial Marines Dietrich and Frost, on a drunken bender, stumble into a bar during a storm – and find it surrounded to large insects. They join forces with the bars few patrons to try and make an escape.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Exterminators. Estimate. Sometime shortly before Aliens.


Alien: River of Pain

Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden struggles to survive as Hadley’s Hope on LV-426 is over-run by Xenomorphs.

Aliens: Newt’s Tale. During the events of Aliens.

A bounty hunter named Madison Voss and her synthetic Jex track two fugitives, Enzo Jaeger and Jack Bates to Hadley’s Hope colony, which is under siege by Xenomorphs.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – No Good Deed. During the events of Aliens.

Fire & Stone : Aliens


Corporal Hicks files an interim report regarding the marines mission to LV-426 and notes the missing mining ship Onager.

Aliens: Field Report. During the events of Aliens.

Carter Burke tries to escape his fate as an Alien host in the bowels of the Hadley Atmosphere Processor.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Dark Mother. During the events of Aliens.

Alien 3

Corporal Hicks, Samwell Stone and Rick Levy try to stop the Company obtaining Alien specimens. Hicks successfully transmits a distress signal which is picked by the USCM.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Stasis Interrupted. During and shortly after the events of Alien 3.

Marines confront an Alien swarm aboard the USS Sulaco in orbit above Fiorina, as well as on the ground in the correctional facility.

Alien 3 – The Gun. Alternate version of the events of Alien 3.

2179 (August 18)

The USS Sephora intercepts the Sulaco near Gamma Leporis. The marine compliment engage the Aliens on the Sulaco, on LV-426, in the Derelict, and the Martian moon of Phobos. The Sulaco is lost in space with a massive hole blown in her lower hull.

Aliens: Infestation (game). Events start 3 weeks after the events of Aliens.

2179 (September 15)

After tracking the Sulaco’s route back to Acheron, two Alien specimens are obtained by Weyland Yutani from the Derelict.

Colonial Marines Technical Manual.

2179 (November 24)

The crew of the USS Sephora intercepts the Sulaco – again. Carnage ensues on the ship and on LV-426 – again. Corporal Hicks (previously believed dead) is rescued and the Company is stopped from moving a Queen off LV-426.

Aliens : Colonial Marines (game). Seventeen weeks after Aliens.


A plague sweeps through the town of Emerson.

Aliens : Alchemy.


Journalist Nickole Kejela is embedded with Colonial Marine J Company, when they are setup by the Hasegawa News Service, the Company and the Corps and sent to a planet believed infested with Aliens. Hasegawa buries Kejela’ story.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Deep Background. Shortly after the events of Aliens and Alien 3.    


Corporal Franklin Sykes, stationed on LV-666 with a Marine detachment is exposed to a vicious bio-weapon in the colony’s mining tunnels.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Zero To Hero.  Estimate. Sometime after Aliens.


The marine complement of the USS Diomos investigates the abandoned colony on LV-426 and battle Xenomorphs and Company combat synthetics. They kill the Queen and escape – only for more Aliens to escape on board the fleeing dropships.

Aliens: Extermination (game). Takes place some years after the film according to the game producers.


USS Typhoon sets down on an uncharted planet in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system and find large floating lifeforms – as well as Xenomorphs. Narrowly escaping, navigator London smuggles a small egg on board – which eventually hatches.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Chance Encounter. Estimate. Sometime after the destruction of Hadley’s Hope.


The Vinza travels to Rosamund 6 to pick up an observation team prior to the planet being terraformed, and find they want to stay to continue studying the Xenomorphs infesting the planet.

Aliens : DNA War. Sometime after Aliens, but prior to Alien-Earth War.


A new research station is established surrounding the Derelict on LV-426. It is later destroyed when its atmosphere processor goes critical, taking the Derelict with it.

Aliens vs Predator computer game. Set 10 years after Aliens. Incorrect date given in game.

Three marines investigate the presence of a Jingti Long company ship at the abandoned facility on Fiorina 161. When the Chinese are wiped out by Xenomorphs, the marines withdraw.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Deep Black. Ten years after Alien 3.


A documentary series known as The Saga of the Weapon airs an episode about the M41A Pulse Rifle.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Episode 22. Estimate.


Company Rep. Ford assigns her former stepson Elliot Sakada and his girlfriend Charley to steal information regarding Xenomorphs from a rival corporation. A Predator shows up to hunt the Aliens that are let loose. Ford is killed when the Predator arrives on an automated escape craft and it detonates its wrist nuke. Ford is replaced by W. Shaw.

AvP : Xenogenesis. Estimate. The loosely interlinked Xenogenesis series (Predator, AvP, Aliens) is rather difficult to pin down chronologically. A date of ‘oh thirty four’ is referenced in the Predator series, which is sometime prior to the events of that story. This can’t work but can be shifted forward a century to 2134. AvP occurs prior to the Earth infestation as no one knows what Aliens are yet. Woz in AvP says he knows Ostermann from Predator sometime after the events of Predator. Unfortunately the flashback in AvP shows both Ostermann and Woz to be not much different from the current ages in their respective series (though perhaps Ostermann stays young thanks to his implants and eating Predator hearts…). Elliot Sakada shows up much older in the Aliens series.


Corporal Wilks and Billie travel to what is believed to be the Alien homeworld to obtain specimens for the military. While they are gone, Aliens being bred by Bionational on Earth are broken out of containment. They soon begin to over-run the planet.

Aliens: Earth Hive (aka Outbreak). Primarly based on the comic, but the 2192 date is based on the date 2092 given in the novelisation, but bumped forward a century.


Dr Waidslaw Orana produces his Theory of Alien Propogation.

Aliens: Theory of Alien Propagation. Estimated to be during the Alien infestation of Earth.

Wilks and Billie arrive back on Earth to find the military evacuating. A Giant they encountered on the homeworld has travelled with them. Wilks, Billie and a synthetic marine named Bueller escape on an automated transport.

Aliens: Earth Hive (aka Outbreak). Sourced from novelisation.


Colonial Marines fight a rear guard action to ensure an evacuation ship named the Ark, safely departs Earth.

Aliens: Armageddon (game). Takes place during an event where Earth is over-run by Aliens. Though in the game the Aliens got loose when the research ship Capella was destroyed.

Three marines, Tom, Sandberg and Silk, abandoned on an Alien infested Earth, try to avoid Aliens and mercenaries in a search for answers about who brought the Aliens to the planet in the first place.

Aliens: Countdown. Set post Earth evacuation.

Wilks, Billie and Bueller arrived at Third Base where General Spears is training a Xenomorph army to retake the Earth. Wilk and Bille stow away on his ship following a mutiny, then escape to Gateway as Spears lands on Earth – and is slaughtered by his ‘army’ the moment he releases them.

Aliens: Nightmare Asylum. Some months after the end of Outbreak.

Wilks and Billie join a woman named Ripley and her crew in travelling to another Alien hiveworld to abduct a Queen Mother. They return it to Earth, where she calls her ‘children’ and when they’re all in the same spot, multiple nuclear weapons are detonated, destroying hundreds of thousands of the creatures. Billie manages to rescue a young girl named Amy, stranded on Earth.

Aliens: Female War. The novelisation indicates that this story took place over a longer period, but I have condensed things here to counter for the fact that Amy doesn’t appreciably age from first seeing her in Nightmare Asylum to the end of Female War.


The US President tries to negotiate the return of the Earth form the Giant who sits in orbit terraforming the planet for itself. Negotiations fail and the president is killed – however a nuclear strikes destroys the Giant’s ship.

Aliens: The Alien. Follow up to The Female War.


Paul Church, his parents and the rest of the crew and passengers of the Incunabulum are attacked by diseased Aliens on an uncharted moon. Paul is the only survivor.

Aliens: Labyrinth. Estimate. Thirty two years prior to main story.


During mopping up operations on Earth, a group of Minecorp mercenaries travel into what used to be London to find out how the UK managed to resist Alien infestation.

Aliens: Crusade. Shortly after the Alien Earth War. Predator : Xenogenesis mentions that both London and Paris are underwater thanks to climate change. Clearly not the case here.


Caryn Delacroix, trying to deal with nightmares about another life she may or may not have lead, helps a Predator recover her children. During the process she discovers she is really former astronaut Ash Parnall, and that her life was being manipulated by an advanced AI named ‘Toy’.

Aliens/ Predator : The Deadliest of the Species. Estimate. Caryn makes mention of the date being an ‘anniversary’ of the Earth’s liberation from the Aliens near the start of the story. We later see that Aliens are still a threat on Earth, so it’s not long after the Alien Earth War. I’ve taken the presence of TekSeks and a thriving entertainment industry as evidence that couple of years have passed since the War. Something as advanced as TekSeks would take sometime to develop with the limited resources during the War. Most of humanity were refugees at the end of the War but once things picked up there would be more want for movies.


A group of marines attack a hive and manage to kill the Queen – but not before a new Queen is born to re-establish the species.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Dangerous Prey. Estimate.


The Berserker team from the Nemesis get a job clearing out the infestation of deep space terminal 949.

Aliens: Frenzy AKA Berserker. Ties in with events in AvP, and AvP: War.


Herk Mondo responds to a distress call from a colony threatened by Xenomorphs on Oryza.

Aliens: Mondo Pest. Estimate.


Herk Mondo rescues Kayla, daughter of a wealthy industrilist and her friend Suzi, after Kayla’s jealous brother maroons them on a planet with Aliens.

Aliens: Mondo Heat. Estimate.


A salvage tech named Kanako sacrifices the rest of his crewmates, and saves his own skin when he lets Aliens loose from a derelict he was checking.

Aliens: Lucky. Estimate.


General Amotz and her entourage narrowly escape a Company facility when it is over-run by facehuggers. Amotz is wounded by acid while rescuing Daniel Ribar.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Hugs To Die For. Estimate.


A marine has a nightmare about his squad being wiped and then engaging an Alien Queen – then wakes up and hopes it’s not about to become real.

Aliens: 45 Seconds. Estimate.


Charon 13 mining station is destroyed following an Alien infestation despite the efforts of a Predator and manager Dawn Marshall.

AvP : Hellbent. Estimate.


The United Systems is formed.

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


Anders Kramm investigates an Alien infestation on Soulages where his wife and child are killed.

Aliens: No Exit. Estimate. Thirty years prior to main events of ‘No Exit’.


Lance Corporal Lombardo and his squad are wiped out by Aliens on Taurus Seven, after he is betrayed by one of the colonists named Alice, who is carrying an Alien Queen embryo.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Empty Nest. Estimate.


Professor Ernst Kleist creates the Rogue – a genetically engineered Alien ‘King’ – at Charon Base.

Aliens: Rogue. After Earth re-taken. Before Colonial Marines. Joyce Palmer’s kids live on Earth with her mother and she has made several 16 month round trips to Charon Base. Her children aren’t that old and her husband disappeared during the Alien Earth War.


An assassin named Frank, suffering from guilt induced anxiety, sacrifices himself to save a group of stowaways on a transport after an Alien gets loose on board.

Aliens: Glass Corridor. Frank has been an assassin for 7 years, and it’s hinted at that his friend Micky fought in the Alien Earth War.


Robyn Miles, suffering from nightmares about the Aliens, is placed in the care of Dr Kaf.

Aliens: Horror Show. Hicks (not the marine) was 6 years old when he was on one of the last shuttles to evacuate the Earth when the Aliens over-ran it. He’s now late teens, early 20s.


A soldier named Branko travels to O’Bannon’s World to work as a border guard.

Aliens: Border Lines. Estimate.


A specialised Colonial Marine squad tries – and fails – to remove an Alien infestation from TodLab XLI.

Aliens: Tribes. Richards says it took the Corporation two decades to realise these things couldn’t be controlled, so I’ve estimated 20 years after Alien 3.


Wellington Frick, former billionaire, tries to rebuild his fortune by plundering ancient tombs. With his android EA Belle, security guard Emil Zorn, and photojournalist Posada, they encounter Aliens under a pyramid and all are killed.

Aliens: Advent/ Terminus. Estimate.


With the help of Robyn Miles father, the prisoners that Dr Kaf and Orson Masch have been exploiting break out of his mental hospital. Dr Kaf is given a dose of his own nightmare treatment.

Aliens: Horror Show. Robyn had been in hospital for five years.


A priest, Ann McKay, crashes on a small outpost world to find it being terrorised by an Alien. She also finds what desperate lengths the colonists will go to, to keep it at bay.

Aliens: Sacrifice. Ann remembers what looks like the start of the Alien infestation of Earth. This story is 20 years later.

Grant Corp develop the drug Xeno-Zip, but due to adverse side effects, it is banned. Grant Corp and the military mount a mission to a hiveworld to obtain pure Alien Royal Jelly to fix the issues with the drug.

Aliens: Genocide. The story begins about 20 years after the Alien Earth War.


Xenomorph eggs are disturbed during construction of a mine on the resort planet Red Rock and threaten the tourists.

Aliens: Tourist Season. Estimate.


Stan Mayakovsky and Julian Lish travel at a hiveworld to get Alien Royal Jelly using an android Alien.

Aliens: Harvest. Sometime after the war and prior to Aliens: Stronghold. Royal Jelly is mentioned, as is Xeno-Zip which means it’s after 2212.

The staff of the militant anti-corporate group, Renegade XM, pull the databanks of a Weyland-Yutani deep space refuelling station before blowing it up.  Lela Rosewood finds information pertaining to Hadley’s Hope which leads them to LV-426.  Joined by Woody Ballesteros and Cutter Vasquez – nephew of colonial marine Janette Vasquez – they search the ruined colony for proof of corporate malfeasance.  Lela, Cutter and their pilot Drake are all killed by glowing Xenomorph that had liquid nitrogen for blood, while Woody is left behind with a very old cryotube containing the original host of the Hadley infestation.  Weyland-Yutani, who has been monitoring the team remotely, makes arrangements to retrieve the specimen in the cryotube.

Alien: Aftermath. The date is mentioned at the start of the story and is a tie in to the the 35th anniversary of Aliens (the comic being published in 2021). It’s ended up here in the Banned histories due to the myriad continuity errors.  Your mileage (and Marvel’s) may vary.

We’re back at Hadley once again despite it being vapourised at the end of the second film. Though considerably damaged, it’s very not vapourised (it appears to be in similar shape to what is seen in the Colonial Marines game).  There is a sub-level F where the original colonist host was put in hypersleep.  There is no sub-level F at Hadley.  Nor C, D, or E.  There were just two levels below ground and neither had alphabetical designations. Also – the original host was Russ Jorden whose fate is shown in the film and expanded on in River of Pain (which drew on the Newt’s Tale comic). He died and wasn’t put into hypersleep.

They find Vasquez’s smart gun from the film in the colony which was abandoned in the AP station sub-level after Drake is killed. There is hints that someone else has visited the colony between 2179 and 2214, which might explain the gun.  And the fact that there’s power 35 years later in an otherwise uninhabited colony that was ground zero for a 40 megaton nuclear explosion (though that wouldn’t explain how cryotube kept running the entire time).  Cutter doesn’t seem old enough to have any memories of his aunt, although he does mention being in hypersleep on a colony ship as a child which may explain this (see also Carmen Vasquez below).  Finally it’s not really clear why a company as powerful as Weyland-Yutani haven’t retrieved the cryotube themselves in the preceding decades.


Marines of the USS Melville investigate Alien infestations and confront an entity known as The Father.

Aliens: Colonial Marines. Nyland looks around mid-late 20s, so was in boot camp about 8-10 years earlier and by then Aliens were common knowledge, so it must’ve been during or after the war. Vasquez younger sister Carmen is in the comic, but no age is given (and any age issues can be explained via long stints in hypersleep). Royal Jelly is referenced, as is Xeno-Zip so it must be after Aliens: Genocide (2212).

The psychopathic Dr Dakien takes vengeance on security chief Nancy and her young second cousin Jimi by impregnating himself with an Alien to stalk them.

Aliens: Lovesick. Estimate.

Salvagers trying to plunder the cargo of the transport ship Wanderer, and use a nuke strapped to a pig to clear out an Alien infestation at the crash site.

Aliens: Pig. Estimate.


A Colonial Marine weapons test on Solano’s Moon backfires and the whole squad apart from Tony Crespi are wiped out.

Aliens: Backsplash. Nine years prior to Aliens: Labyrinth.


Gerry Coile turns on his boss, Vasco, after quitting the drug smuggling business. Vasco sends Gerry a special delivery of an Alien as payback for his disloyalty.

Aliens: Cargo. Coile has been running illegal Xeno-Zip shipments for a while before quitting.


The luxury resort asteroid Celeste is destroyed in a nuclear strike, when a diseased chestburster runs amok spreading a deadly contagion.

Aliens: Kidnapped. Estimate.

The crew of the Vidar are slaughtered on Chione by local colonists, under the influence of an extra terrestrial entity. Synthetic David Sereda, tries to assist them when they try to escape the Aliens also infesting the planet.

Aliens: More than Human. Estimate. Takes place a fair amount of time after Earth reconstruction following the Alien-Earth War.


Extra terrestrials known as Reapers plunder Alien eggs to be used as food.

Aliens: Reapers. Estimate.

2219 (January to April)

Fire & Stone – Prometheus/ AvP/ Predator/ Omega


The Weyland-Yutani Strikeforce project tries to retake Salazar VII from a huge Alien infestation.

Aliens: Xenogenesis. Fair amount of time after the Alien-Earth War, but ties in Sakada from AvP: Xenogenesis where he was quite young, so can’t be too far into the future.

2220 (May)

Life & Death – Predator/ Prometheus/ Aliens/ AvP


A Colonial Marine named Rainy relates the story of the origin of his combat knife to his comrades.

Aliens: Stalker. Estimate.


Phillip and Joy Strunk perform an audit on the Grant Corp installation run by virologist Dr Caspar Nordling.

Aliens: Stronghold. Estimate. Jeri references the events of Harvest as if they happened some time ago.

The Nova Maru, carrying a cargo of illegal Xenomorph specimens, crashes on PCW9512.

Aliens: Salvation. About 20-30 years after Alien-Earth War due to restrictions on Alien research and breeding.

A mercenary named Brea runs into an Alien infestation at The Outpost – as well as her old Predator nemesis, Lefty.

AvP : Lefty’s Revenge. Estimate.


Victor Thompson and his family are among those killed when they uncover a subterrannean Alien hive on Sargon IV.

Aliens: Survival. Long time after Earth resettlement, characters have heard about them, but no mention of Alien-Earth war.


Damon Eddington records the Symphony of Hate using sampled sounds from a live Alien.

Aliens: Music of the Spears. About 20-30 years after Earth is resettled following the war. Novelisation says 2124 would could be easily corrected to 2224. Story starts in 2223, but mostly happens just after New Year 2224.


Adelaide & Bombay Holdings Alliance acquire the Adullam Research Station. The science staff are executed by General Gautier who is in turn killed by the Alien/ android hybrid Eloise.

Aliens: Purge. Estimate. Sometime after the war, when Alien research is considered a dead end in certain quarters.


The Weyland-Yutani android factory on Nivalis-4 is wiped out by an Alien infestation initiated by the mentally disturbed Jean Dupaul.

Aliens: Inhuman Condition. Estimate. A focus is on synthetic research similar to what was happening in Aliens: Purge.

The United Systems Military is formed.

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


Colonel Doctor Anthony Crespi investigates dubious happenings on the military research station Innominata under Colonel Doctor Paul Church.

Aliens: Labyrinth. Estimate. Aliens were known about when Church and his parents encountered them 32 years earlier, placing it sometime after the outbreak on Earth.

Captain Lotus Hernandez, of Adelaide & Bombay Holdings Alliance, locates the rogue android/ Xenomorph hybrid named Eloise on LK-176. Her squad is wiped out by a Predator hunting party using Eloise’s leper companions as bait. The hybrids Alien horde slaughters the Predators and Eloise lets Hernandez live in order to tell her bosses to leave her alone.

AvP : Pursuit. Estimate. Not too long after Aliens : Purge.


Two hunters, James and Carla try to obtain Aliens as trophies inside an asteroid.

Aliens: Headhunters. Estimate.


Anders Kramm, having spent 30 years in hypersleep, is woken to assist Planetus Corporation in investigating a potential Alien infestation and encounters a larger consipiracy orchestrated by Weyland-Yutani.

Aliens: No Exit (main story). Estimate.


Techs from Trispast Salvage board the derelict Lunar Maru and encounter Aliens unleashed by the disembodied Gropius Lysenko.

Aliens: Havoc. Estimate. Some crew have heard of the Aliens, but no mention of Alien Earth War.


A veteran Predator fights his final battle against a Xenomorph.

AvP : Chained to Life and Death. Estimate. Appears to reference the prologue to AvP (original series). I’ve arbitrarily set this 50 years later.


Tommy and Peter Chase travel to the narcotic factory of Fantasia to pay off Peter’s debts, but run afoul of a Grant Corp Resolution Squad, rival criminal gangs, and the Aliens infesting the planet.

Aliens: Criminal Enterprise. Estimate. Tommy and Peter grew up on Earth long after Aliens had ceased to be a threat.


The colony on Tirgu-Mires is wiped out by the Colonial Marines when some local teenagers disturb an old Xenomorph living in an abandoned Weyland-Yutani mine.

Aliens: Wraith. Estimate. Approximately 4 generations of about 100 years after Aliens: Once In A Lifetime.

The crew of the USS Sheridan answer a distress signal on B54-C.

Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure (video game). Estimate. Dates are mentioned with the game – specifically 2157. Obviously this is wrong, considering there have been a number of Alien encounters prior to the events of the game, and Paul Church from Aliens: Labyrinth is the villain in this story. Although Church appears to be younger in this game, the date was shifted to 2257 (Church talks about having artificial implants in Labyrinth which may explain how he looks).


The Big Deletion occurs. When public sentiment turns against synthetics, and war threatens, the synthetics defend themselves by releasing a virus into the Network. Computer systems and databases are destroyed across civilised space. Over 240 colonies are wiped out.

AvP : Thrill of the Hunt and Civilized Beasts. Estimate. See corresponding entry for 2372.


The cruisers Virginia and Umiak are infested with Aliens when a smuggling job goes awry.

Aliens: Cauldron. Estimate. One colony is mentioned to have been around for at least 176 years. Must have been established after the plans for Origae 6 in Alien Covenant. Say it was established in 2115, it would place Cauldron in 2276.


Weyland-Yutani loses contract to supply FTL starships to United Systems Military

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


Aliens: Dead Orbit.


The Alethea Collective successfully sues to grant civil rights to synthetics, resulting in financial losses for manufacturers.

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


The town of Emerson is terrorised by an Alien, let loose by Legate Muir.

Aliens: Alchemy  . Estimate. Approximately 150 years after the town was founded.


Megacorporations are banned by the United Systems.

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


Weyland-Yutani loses their final appeal against the mega-corporations ban and is de-registered.

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


An expedition to set up a colony by Lambda Exponential fails when it turns out the planet is a world where Predators seed Xenomorphs in order to hunt them. A number of the colonists are killed and their orbiting mothership is destroyed. The survivors end up in an uneasy truce with a surviving Predator whom they dub ‘Smiley’.

Eight months later they are rescued by synthetics belonging to one of Lambda’s partners, Steed Corona.

AvP : Thrill of the Hunt and AvP : Civilized Beasts. Estimate. Both of these AvP volumes are even more impossible to place than most, due to the galaxy spanning historical revelations. At the start of Thrill of the Hunt, there is dialogue indicating that they’re making the first planetfall in 114 years (despite the fact there’s already people on the planet below). A comment about one of the characters however says he had a TV show in “the 90s”. I believe the Big Deletion – where computer networks were wiped out – was a way of trying to reconcile the ‘Aliens all over the place’ in the comics, and ‘there’s been no contact with the Aliens since Fiorina’ of Alien Resurrection (ie. the pirates don’t remember Earth being over-run by Aliens, because all the records of it were destroyed). There’s also a reference to the Sagoro Report which hints at events surrounding the Aliens in the late 22nd century, through to the mid 23rd century. As this is a comic, I’ve used the chronologically last (at that point) comic story – Aliens : Wraith – as a starting point and had the Big Deletion occur not long after. As such I’ve ignored the reference to “the 90s” as it doesn’t fit. But then none of the Big Deletion stuff fits either, and references to it are restricted to these two AvP stories.


Second Generation androids – or Autons – are recalled. A handful of units escape the ensuing massacre.

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


Alien Resurrection.


Weyland-Yutani offers to re-terraform Earth following crash of USM Auriga, and the offer is accepted.

The Weyland-Yutani Report, Alien: Sea of Sorrows.


Laws introduced to make megacorporations legal once again.

The Weyland-Yutani Report.


Ripley 8 and the crew of the Betty foil the plans of the Loki orginisation by attempting to rescue the inhabitants of The Domes from Alien attack.

Aliens: Original Sin.


Civil rights revoked for synthetics.

Alien: Sea of Sorrows.


Alien: Sea of Sorrows.


Akoko Halley’s DevilDogs first encounter the alien lifeform known as the FireSpite.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Spite. Estimate. “A few years” prior to the Rage War.


The Rage War.


Former Colonial Marine Angela Hall and Police Sergeant Tarleton battle an Alien infestation on the planet Oleta in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Aliens: Bug Hunt – Darkness Falls. Estimate. It would take the FTL ship of the Alien universe a pretty long time to get to another galaxy.