Update 2022 (May 25)

Just uploaded a page for Infiltrator and Fireteam Elite. I wrote most of the Infiltrator stuff last year, but only recently got round to playing Fireteam Elite. And still can’t beat the last level, so… you know… Youtube walkthoughs.

Speaking of Youtube – lots of 3 Decades of Alien 3 goodness to be be had, with lots more in the pipe for the anniversaries of Alien Covenant, Prometheus and Resurrection.


2 thoughts on “Update 2022 (May 25)

  1. Hi there,

    For the end of Fireteam it would be better to put it around May as after beating the last level when you talk to Col Shipp she mentions May 2202. Plus the new Pathogen campaign that will be release in August should be around June 2202 as it is mentioned “07 June 2202” in a promotionnal after report.

    Take care and keep going with your awesome work.


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