Fire and Stone – Prometheus/ AvP/ Predator


2090 (April 7)

A Weyland Corp probe arrives on LV-223 and begins scanning before it’s destroyed by an Engineer.

2219 (January 9)

The Geryon Armada – consisting of the core engine vehicle Geryon and docked sister ships, Kadmos, Helios and Perses arrive in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system bound for LV-223.  Captain Angela Foster and crew members Clara Atkinson (documentarian), James Weddel (doctor) and Francis Lane (astrobiologist) awaken early to prepare for what is supposed to be a salvage mission.

2219 (January 14)

The Geryon arrives in orbit over LV-223 and the rest of the crew are woken.  The Perses and Helios set down on the planet near where the probe of 2090 was destroyed.  This is also the same place where USCSS Prometheus landed in 2093 and the Onager crashed in 2179.  Instead of the expected desert, they find a jungle full of flora and fauna.  They later find a herd of dead animal carcasses and eventually the wreck of the Onager, overgrown with jungle.

Lead by security chief Galgo Helder, they enter the Onager and are attacked by the Aliens that have set up a hive there.  They narrowly escape and Foster calls down the Kadmos to evacuate them.  Two crew members have facehuggers attached to them while three others are wounded when they fall into a lake inhabited by mutated shark-like creatures.

Everyone regroups on the Helios and Foster informs them of the real purpose of the mission – to find out what happened to Peter Weyland and the Prometheus.

Francis and the synthetic construct Elden, who were seperated from the main group earlier, are located in the cave where Derrick Russell lived 30 years prior.  A group leave the Helios to retrieve them.  Francis reads through Russell’s extensive research and realises he may be able to the use the black accelerant liquid to cure his terminal cancer – if he passes it through a filter.  Like Elden.

On their way to the rendezvous with Francis and Elden, Foster, Galgo and others find the wreckage of the Juggernaut and investigate.  Galgo finds what appears to be an Engineers rifle.  The group intercepts Francis on the run from Elden.  Francis explains that he injected Elden with the accelerant and he started mutating and becoming violent.  Foster orders that Francis be arrested.

Meanwhile the Helios comes under Alien attack. Foster orders Galgo and his crew to take Francis and head to the Perses.  Then he’ll return to the Helios with some more weapons to deal with the Aliens.  However Elden reaches the Helios first and opens the hatches to allow the Aliens inside.  Galgo and his crew elect to abandon Foster and the rest of the crew and leave LV-223 on Perses.

The survivors on the Helios escape on ATVs and regroup with Fosters crew at the Juggernaut.  Foster contacts Traynor on the Geryon and requests an evac via the Kadmos. Galgo reaches Geryon first however and kills Traynor and the Kadmos crew before it can be launched.

Fosters crew discover a chamber on the Juggernaut where the Engineers create lifeforms, still operational. The Aliens attack the Juggernaut, killing nearly all the remaining crew. Atkinson and Weddel are rescued by an Engineer wielding a gun similar to the one Galgo found, only for it to kill them shortly after killing the Aliens.

The only survivors are Foster, Jill and Chris, who make it to Derrick Russell’s cave and set up camp.

Aliens vs. Predator

2219 (January 22)

The remaining ships of the Geryon armada – consisting of Geryon, Kadmos and Perses is on course to Earth, when Elden aboard the Helios catches up with them and docks.  Elden is in a constant state of mutation, and demands the Galgo hand Francis over to him.  Galgo is happy to comply, but they’re interrupted when a Predator hunting party dock with the Geryon and board.

Galgo and Francis make a run for it as Elden and a horde of Aliens invade the Geryon.  The Aliens kill the survivors on the Kadmos, and a Predator attacks Galgo.  Francis runs and hides from Elden as Galgo escapes on the Perses – not knowing a Predator also snuck on board.

Three Predators engage Elden and his Aliens.  One is infected when bitten by Elden and changes into a similar kind of mutant – though one more akin to Fifield than the more rational Elden.  Elden kills another Predator, while the third knows it can’t win and so scars Elden with the mark of its clan.

Francis continues to evade Elden, while making plans to access Elden’s blood and see if his experiment to cure his cancer will succeed.  He meets the Predator who declines to to kill him due to the Francis’ condition. The Aliens turn on Elden, but he and the Predator fight them off.

Francis sets a trap for Elden and secures him long enough with the assistance of the Geryon’s robot crew. He extracts Elden’s blood and despite Elden’s protests, injects it into his own veins.  He immediately starts to painfully mutate. The Predator attacks Elden again and the Aliens soon join in, while the mutant Predator attacks the mutant Francis.  Elden detaches Kadmos from Geryon, but Kadmos is soon compromised by Alien acid when one is killed by the Predator.  Elden escapes into space, back to the Geryon, and helps Francis defeat the mutant Predator. However, it is too late for Francis whose cell structure breaks down and effectively melts away to nothing as Elden carries him back to Helios, leaving Elden alone with a few, now subdued, Aliens.


2219 (January 23)

Galgo realises that he has a stowaway aboard the Perses and wakens Piper and Higgins to  deal with it.  The Predator kills Piper, while Galgo kills Higgins trying to flush the Predator into space.  The Predator defeats Galgo but doesn’t kill him – indicating that it wants to hunt the Engineer on LV-223.  It needs Galgo alive to fly the Perses. The Predator recognised Galgo’s weapon after looking for an Engineer to hunt for over 110 years.

2219 (January 30)

The Predator – dubbed Ahab – forces Galgo to accompany it by use of an energy binder after they land on LV-223 and proceed to look for the Engineer.  They find piles of dead Aliens before encountering Angela, Jill and Chris.  Jill explains that the Engineers have been cleaning up the planet of mutated animals and Aliens alike.

2219 (January 31)

Ahab and Galgo eventually lure an Engineer into combat, and Galgo takes his chance and  runs away, only for his conscience to get the better of him.  Ahab and the Engineer fight each to a standstill at the Perses when Galgo shows up and shoots the Engineer with its own weapon. Ahab finishes the  job by using its wrist explosive to destroy Perses and the Engineer.

2219 (Feburary 12)

Foster continues to try and make sense out of Derrick Russells notes about a signal inside the mountain where their cave is located, while Galgo continues to deal with remaining Alien threat.
Ahab looks for other prey to hunt.


2219 (April 9)

A weakening Elden crashes the Helios on LV-223 just as Galgo, Angela, Jill and Chris are nearing starvation.

2219 (April 10)

Elden says he has equipment that could amplify a distress signal for a rescue party.  Angela says they need something to generate a signal, then remembers the signal Russell spoke of underneath the mountain.  Galgo, Angela and Elden approach the Onager wreck in an attempt to use it to drill under the mountain to reach the transmitter.  Ahab helps Elden deal with the Aliens on the Onager, and a massively  bloated Alien Queen is killed.  The Onager is launched but as they drill into the mountain they quickly discover an acid river, and Elden says it’s a vein.  The mountain is alive. Angela manages to set the Onager down and locates the source of the signal behind a wall.  She’s about to hack through, but Elden stops her. He says the being was on Prometheus and grew up around it and became the mountain. Elden merges  with the being – ‘sacrificing’ himself to allow Angela, Galgo and Ahab to escape.


NOTES: The obvious issue with this series stems from a decision to make creative changes after the comic had gone into production. It was supposed to take place much earlier, and this accounts for the space suits owing more to the Prometheus design, than the later model suits seen in Alien.  It also flows into a couple of other minor glitches:

– It’s mentioned on numerous occasions that they’re two years from Earth and have been asleep about that long, which conforms to the speed of USCSS Prometheus, but not the much faster Nostromo or Sulaco, which covered the same distance in 10 months and 3 weeks respectively, decades prior to the events in Fire & Stone.  It also doesn’t fit in with the flashback in Predator issue 3 where the Geryon armada rescues another crew in the Wolf 424 system.  Wolf 424 is about 14 ly from Earth – a trip of 8-9 months. The incident occurred in November 2216, meaning they’d get back to Earth around July 2217.  However in order to reach LV-223 by January 2219 with a 2 year travel time, they need to leave Earth in January 2217; 6 months before they got back from Wolf 424.

– Galgo and Higgins talk about tracking an escapee on Fury 161 and infer there were other prisoners.  Although Galgo is referred to as a “runt” at that point; Fiorina prison closed 30 years earlier.  Which could work if Galgo was in his early-mid teens at the time, though it is stretching things a tad. It becomes more viable with much longer interstellar travel times mentioned above.  Galgo appears to be maybe in his mid-forties at the most, but could be older.