River of Pain

2179 (June 10) – Morning

Capt Demian Brackett arrives to take over command of the marine contingent at Hadley’s Hope.  He runs into his old girlfriend Anne Jorden and her husband Russ.

2179 (June 10) – Afternoon

Brackett and some of his marines are involved in a hostage situation at an atmosphere processor out-station where colonist Otto Finch snaps after years of enduring the harsh environment of LV-426.  He and his brother Curtis are killed in the incident and processor six overheats and explodes.  Later Brackett tells Administrator Al Simpson and Dr Bartholemew Reese that the standard practice of marines accompanying colonist expeditions is to immediately cease until he can confirm the order from headquarters.

2179 (June 19) – Afternoon

Orders are received at Hadley to investigate a grid reference and the Jorden family are despatched to investigate.

2179 (June 21) – Morning

The Jordens arrive at a grid reference and discover the Derelict visited by the Nostromo 57 years earlier. Russ Jorden is attacked by a facehugger.

2179 (June 22) – Morning

Brackett and a marine squad pickup the Jordens from the Derelict and take them back to the colony.

2179 (June 22) – Evening

Brackett, the marines and Jorden family arrive back at Hadley.

2179 (June 23) – Afternoon

Russ Jorden is killed when his chestburster hatches.  More colonists are sent to investigate the Derelict and thirteen come back with facehuggers attached.

2179 (June 23) – Evening

Colonists begin to die and disappear while search parties scour the complex for the Alien. Brackett, Sgt Marvin Draper and Pvt Ankita Yousseff manage to kill one, as more chestbursters are born in the medlab.

2179 (June 25) – Morning

More Aliens are hatched as the mature creatures attack medlab.

2179 (June 25) – Afternoon

After a number of deaths and disappearances, the surviving colonists hole up in D Block.

2179 (June 26) – Afternoon

Simpson is killed during a failed mission to rescue colonists from the Alien hive in the Atmosphere Processing Station. Brackett learns from a dying Dr Elena Hidalgo, that the science staff have a secret escape ship at the colony. Anne Jorden, her children, and number of other colonists seek shelter in the Surveyor Ops Centre, which is smaller, and easier to defend.  Draper reaches the Surveyor Ops Centre and demands to be let in.  Anne lets him only for the Aliens to attack en masse.  More Aliens attack the colonists hiding in D block.

Anne and Tim Jorden are killed. Brackett, Lt Julisa Paris, Dr Mori and a young girl named Luisa escape Hadley in the science teams hidden ship.

Newt is left alone.

There’s something of a question over the dates between the climax of River of Pain and the start of the Fire & Stone comics which overlap with some events and characters.  Anne sees Cale, Dione and Russell (named ‘Bradford’ in some versions of River of Pain) ‘plotting’ with others at one point, and she later notes their absence.  However this occurs on June 25, while Fire & Stone opens over a week later on July 3 as Cale, Dione and Russell lead 3 dozen survivors onto the Onager and escape.  When they do escape Russell is seen explaining the Onager plan to Dione. While it’s possible they were seperated into different groups during the crisis – colonists splintering into different groups happens in the book – it doesn’t really fit with the tone of the story, where we’re given the impression that Brackett, Paris, Mori and Luisa are effectively the last survivors (Newt aside).

That said, neither the novel nor the comics touch on the “last stand” in Ops and Medlab that is discovered by the marines in the film.  Similarly the identity and story of the woman Dietrich finds alive isn’t explored, so there is some room for the events preceeding Fire & Stone to develop.  If one accepts that neither Simpson, Lydecker or any other senior staff or military personnel thought to evacuate on the Onager.

Additionally, there’s a continuity error regarding the Finch brothers. One passage describes them as being at Hadley for around four years, yet they were well established members of the community before Newt was born in 2173.  And just before her demise at 1410 on June 26, Khati Fuqua is said to have disappeared ‘the night before’.  Yet she appears in an earlier passage at 1111 on June 26, with no mention of his disappearance.