Venture Corporation establishes V-22 base on Jericho 3.  It comprises five interconnected domes and performs research into products, infrastructure, equipment and processes to be used in Venture colonies.  A nearby proto-colony is set-up and used to test these products.


Venture operative Tamar Prather joins the crew of the pirate raider Manticore, ostensibly to obtain assets from other vessels that could benefit Venture.


Tamar secures a Xenomorph egg from the Weyland-Yutani ship Proximo and delivers it to the V-22 facility on Jericho 3.

Around the same time, former Colonial Marine Zula Hendricks takes up a position as a security trainer at V-22.  With her is the ‘consciousness’ of her companion from the Europa, Davis, stored on a personal AI assistant.

Hassan Bagrov, a technician and professional ‘guinea pig’ is exposed to the Xenomorph egg by Dr Gagnon and his synthetic assistant Brigette.  The Alien spawned carries a form of necrosis, something that Hassan had been previously exposed to and treated for – though traces remained in his system.  Shortly after birth it escapes into the ventilation system

Tamar and Brigette investigate the creatures victims while trying to keep it quiet and are soon joined by Zula and her security trainees.  Gagnon kills himself after being infected with necrosis from the creature and Brigette is badly damaged.  Her consciousness assists Davis in infiltrating the V-22 central computer in order to refresh the air in the personnel area and flush out the necrosis being spread through the air conditioning.

Of Zula’s trainees, Miriam Castro is killed fighting the Alien in the med center and Nicholas Hauata kills himself after being infected with necrosis.  While trying to force the creature into an airlock, Brenna Lister is killed and Tamar is also infected with necrosis and runs outside.  The Alien catches her before she suffocates.

Zula and the remaining trainees follow the Alien outside in a skimmer and both Virgil Townsend and Angela Cade are killed fighting it.  Zula manages to lure the Alien into the skimmer, then jumps out while Davis takes over the controls and overloads the engines, finally killing the creature.

One week later

With a third of bases 537 staff dying from exposure to necrosis, plans are made to shut V-22 down.  The surviving trainees – Ronny Yoo, Masako Littlefield, Ray Ackerman, Donnell Stockton and Genevieve Parks – elect to remain with Venture while Zula and Davis depart for Earth in the hopes of finding Amanda Ripley.

Several months after

Venture makes plans to re-purpose parts of the abandoned V-22 as a refueling station.   While cataloging the remaining assets at the station, Royce Leahy and Taneka McKinley discover a Xenomorph egg.