Infiltrator & Fireteam Elite


Corporal Olivia Shipp and her marine squad of the USS Typhoon respond to an SOS from the Seegson orbital refinery Katanga.

From the cancelled series – Aliens – Rising Threat.


The Katanga is parked in orbit over LV-895 and Pala Station.

2201 (June)

Dr Erin Kash arrives at Pala.

2202 (Jan 12)

Dr Timothy Hoenniker arrives at Pala station meeting Steven Fairbanks and Victor Rawlings, followed by the rest of the science team – Kash, Etienne Lacroix, Melbourne Matthews, Mark Prior and Mark Cruz along with supervisor Mansfield.  Cruz works late into the night.

2202 (Jan 13)

While Cruz is running some experiments on specimen ‘Rat-X’ it escapes, killing one of the station’s personnel, before Cruz can incinerate it.  Deputy station chief Thompson and deputy security chief Flowers discuss the attack with Mansfield.  Mansfield defends his staff but vetoes any further experiments without his authority.  Prior discovers micro PDTs in some of the rats that infest the station.

2202 (Jan 14)

Comms Tech Brennan finds a vid display that is sending signals out of the station, and visits Fields, Fairbanks and Chase in Logistics.  They say the vid display was signed out to Fairbanks.  They tell Fairbanks they won’t report him, but not to be so dumb in future.  Brennan however confronts Fairbanks in his quarters, says that he’s onto him and tries to blackmail him.  Fairbanks – who is himself being blackmailed by Hyperdyne – murders Brennan.

That night Cruz experiments with Engineer pathogen on a Leon-895 – an indigenous lifeform with camouflage abilities.

2202 (Jan 15)

The science team works on the mystery of the MPDTs and Hoenniker theorises they’re being used to map the station.  They check with Buggy and David and find out that Brennan was monitoring burst transmissions, then find Brennan’s own PDT – cut out of him.  They hand the info to security who question Hoenniker and Fairbanks; the two most recent arrivals.  Both are eventually released

2202 (Jan 16)

Hoenniker returns to work.  Mansfield berates Cruz for his unauthorised experiments on the Leon.

2202 (Jan 17)

Brennan’s body is found.  Fairbanks is accused but panics and releases the Leon-895 from containment and it kills a number of station staff – including Mansfield, Matthews and Prior.

The San Lorenzo arrives in the LV-895 system.

2202 (Jan 18)

Cruz and Rawlings meet with other former Colonial Marines assigned to the station to plan in case things get worse.

2202 (Jan 19)

Vincent Bellows takes over and reads everyone the riot act over the Leon escape. Station Commander Crowther and Thompson are relieved of command.

2202 (Jan 20)

Xenomorph eggs and twelve hosts arrive at the station and prepared for experimentation.  Rawlings gets drunk and Hoenniker seeks him out to try and get his help in identifying Monica – one of the hosts whom he thinks he has recognised.

Fairbanks, in hiding and starving, eats a rat that has been mutated by Engineer pathogen.

2022 (Jan 21)

Experiments start on the hosts.  Hoenniker speaks to Monica, and she confirms that she indeed his ex-girlfriend from 20 years earlier.  She also says she’s a convicted mass murderer.

Two Xenomorphs are born later that day.

2202 (Jan 22 – Jan 24)

Experiments continue.

2202 (Jan 25)

Edmonds, one of the medical staff, is killed by the Leon-895, which is still on the loose.  Cruz and Hoenniker manage to kill it.  They extract stem cells for further use, and Etienne forms a theory about Xenomorphs pheromones – putting two subjects in the same cell in order harvest same.

2202 (Jan 26)

Host #11 kills himself rather than be implanted.  Number Seven, a Xenomrph with translucent skin, tries to influence the other creatures enticing them to escape.  Cruz hits Seven with a burst of flame making it back off.

2202 (Jan 29)

Experiments continue.  Lacroix shows the results of his pheromone studies.  Rawlings and Engineer Webb are attacked by Fairbanks, now a horribly pathogen mutated creature.  The Aliens in containment start getting violent.  Security synths move to terminate them, but specimen Number Five breaks out and frees Number Seven.  Other Aliens escape along with a cloned Leon-895.  Hoenniker, Kash, Cruz, Rawlings, McGann, and Buggy hide out in Engineering and cut power to the doors, locking them down everywhere in the complex.  Number Seven and the other Aliens round up a bunch of staff in the mess hall.

2202 (Jan 31)

Around midday, Cruz unlocks the doors telling security to do their jobs.  Not long after he turns off the lights.  Six hours later he turns the lights back on.

Later that night Cruz, Rawlings, Buggy, McGann, Hoenniker, and Kash make a run to the science lab and Cruz and Buggy are wounded in an Alien attack – the latter has his arm torn off with Rawlings cauterising the stump in a pool of acid.  McGann is killed by the Fairbanks creature, which in turn is killed.   They meet Lacroix who has survived in the lab, and are joined by Bellows after security forces try to reach the shuttle and fail. Bellow gives them the shuttle security codes and joins the group in making a run for the ship in order to escape.  Attacked by Xenomorphs, Buggy and Rawlings are killed after being doused in acid.  Cruz sacrifices himself, killing Number Seven to allow the others to get away.  Bellows tries to lose Hoenniker, Kash and Lacroix, but is killed by an Alien.  The survivors launch the shuttle, but Lacroix is killed by the Leon-895, that has stowed away.  Also stowing away is the Monica Xenomorph, which kills Kash.  Only Hoenikker manages to board the Katanga, as does the Monica creature.

2022 (May)

(Over the course of a couple of days)

The USS Endeavor arrives in orbit at LV-895.  Colonial Marines under the command of Colonel Olivia Shipp board the orbiting Katanga and encounter a large Xenomorph infestation.  Hoenikker is rescued and the Alien spawned from Monica is destroyed.

The Endeavor marines drop to LV-895 in an attempt to extract Weyland-Yutani survivors who were part of an extensive archeological dig in Engineer ruins.  Aliens, as well as combat androids, infest the dig.  They also discover hostile pathogen infected indigenous lifeforms, and members of the dig team.  Pala Station security chief Cynthia Rodriguez is revealed to be a SN/TH/YA artificial intelligence protecting the Company’s investment.

The marines reboard the Katanga – now completely over-run with Aliens – confront the Queen and successfully initiate the scuttle procedure.


NOTES: Thanks to gabaonfox for pointing out that Col. Shipp mentions May 2202 at the end of the Fireteam game.  I originally had the game set over the course of 3 days in Feb 2202, based on a mention of the last contact with Hoenniker being a couple of weeks earlier (or the end of Infiltrator).  The May date (no specific day is mentioned) is more concrete though.