Isolation & Blackout


Sieg and Son is founded by Josiah Sieg.


By this point Sieg and Son has established manufacturing facilities in London, Buenos Aires, Nagasaki and the Schickard-Wargentin Frontier (Luna).


The Sieg family sell their shares back to the company which rebrands as Seegson.

2105 (August 4)

Sevastopol Station, orbiting KG348, is officially opened for business by Seegson Corporation.

2136 (Feburary 11)

After a number of years of mismanagement at Seveastopol and the unfortunate re-routing of the Sol-Thedus run, Seegson Investment Board withdraws funding from Gemini Explanet solutions.

2136 (October 11)

Gemini Exoplanet Solutions staff are assured that the future of Sevastopol is secure, and negotiations have begun with potential buyers for Gemini.

2137 (March 27)

Mike Tanaka, a systems archivist, departs home for a new job, farewelling his wife Ann, and two daughters, Beth and Heidi.

2137 (April 4)

Tanaka departs Earth, going into hypersleep, bound for Sevastopol Station.

2137 (July)

Julia Jones, a journalist with the Colonial Times, arrives at Sevastopol to write a piece on the over expansion of second-tier corporations and the price they’ve paid.

2137 (August 8)

Tanaka arrives at Sevastopol and begins his job of archiving the stations databanks prior to decommissioning.

2137 (August 16)

Mike Tanaka meets and befriends Axel Fielding.

2137 (August 28)

Tanaka and his team works on archiving Gemini Research Labs.

2137 (September 6)

Julia Jones submits her first piece on the downfall of Sevastopol ‘An Outpost Of Progress?’.  She reports empty docking bays, boarded up shops and a population one tenth of the stations capacity.

2137 (September 16)

Falling behind the recent Hyperdyne/ WY 120/A-8 model androids, Seegson Synthetic Solutions attempts, but fails to secure a buyer for their inferior Working Joe models.

2137 (September 27)

Seegson Corp announces that it is decommissioning and shutting down Sevastopol Station.

Mike Tanaka messages his family confirming the long standing decommission rumour.

2137 (September 30)

Tanaka and his team start archiving data at Lorenz Systech Tower.

2137 (October 6)

Tanaka begins archiving data at the Colonial Marshall Bureau.

2137 (October 10)

Mike Tanaka messages his daughters, telling them that he will definitely be home for their birthdays.

2137 (October 20)

The salvage ship Anesidora, under Captain Henry Marlow, finds the Nostromo’s flight recorder as well as the signal from the Derelict on LV-426.

2137 (October 24)

The Anesidora sets down on LV-426 and investigates the Derelict.  Marlow shuts off the beacon, but crewmate Catherine Foster is attacked by a facehugger.

2137 (October 26)

With the hugger now dead, Marlow puts Foster into hypersleep and sets course for Sevastopol to get her checked out.

2137 (November 11)

Anesidora arrives at Sevastopol.  Colonial Marshal Chief Waits is reluctant to let them board, but for the fact they’re carrying the Nostromo flight recorder which could have a hefty reward attached.

2137 (November 12)

Weyland Yutani Executive Administrator Nina Taylor advises Sevastopol that representatives from the Company will be travelling to the station shortly to retrieve the flight recorder.

Meanwhile Dr Lingard of the San Cristobal medical facility advises Waits that the newly arrived Foster is carrying some sort of parasite.

2137 (November 13)

Marlow is locked up by Waits.

2137 (November 14)

Foster is killed when her chest burster is birthed.

2137 (November 16)

Marshal Waits issues a lockdown of San Cristobal and the patients moved in order to try and contain the crisis following the birth of the Alien.

Mike Tanaka messages his family about the San Cristobal lockdown.  He mentions that it’s due to a ‘gas leak’.  No one buys this cover story.

2137 (November 19)

USCSS Torrens under Captain Diane Verlaine, heads to Sevastopol carrying Taylor, Amanda Ripley and synthetic Christopher Samuels, to retrieve the Nostromo’s flight recorder.

2137 (November 20)

Seegson Exec Ransome contacts Waits about containing the Alien rather than killing it, in order to exploit it for profit.  Via Ransome, Weyland-Yutani are made aware of the Alien and make plans to buy-out Sevastopol.

The second sentence is speculative based on Ransome’s mention of ‘having connections’ and his message to Spedding (of Seegson Synthetic Solutions) about the Company buy-out.

2137 (November 21)

Weyland-Yutani secretly purchases Sevastopol.  Company protocols are installed on Apollo and Special Order 939 is issued. A quarantine and communications lockdown are put in place.

2137 (November 23)

Mike Tanaka works on archiving data in Transit and notes that some of the Working Joe synthetics are suspiciously blocking access to certain sections of the station.

2137 (November 25)

Waits advises the spaceflight terminal employees, that it must be made clear to passengers that there are no scheduled flights leaving Sevastopol.

Communication problems begin to occur across the station.

2137 (November 26)

Reports start coming in regarding Working Joe units attacking Sevastopol personnel.

2137 (November 29)

Tech Support Chief Porter advises Waits that there is nothing on the Nostromo’s flight recorder (despite orders from Taylor that it not be tampered with).  It appears to have been corrupted or wiped.

2137 (December 2)

There is a near-riot in the space-flight terminal when Marshal Waits finally succumbs to public demands to address rumours about the crisis on the station.  When he dodge questions, projectiles are thrown, a gun is fired and his staff forcibly remove everyone from the terminal.

2137 (December 3)

Parts of the station begin to partially lose power due to issues with the reactor.  Over the next week more and more people die, and survivors gather in small groups to protect territory and resources.

2137 (December 5)

Mike Tanaka messages over the course of several days that order has broken down completely at Sevastopol. Despite comms having been down for over two weeks, he continues messaging in the hope that one will get through.

2137 (December 10)

After sending panicked message for several days while being holed up with Axel, Tanaka sends his final message telling his family that he’s left an audio record and that loves them.

2137 (December 11)

The Torrens arrives at Sevastopol.  Unable to dock, Ripley, Taylor and Samuels go EVA, but are hit by debris.  Ripley is separated from Samuels and the injured Taylor.  Avoiding the Alien, panicked and violent personnel and murderous Working Joes, Ripley makes contact with Samuels, then heads into San Cristobal to retrieve supplies for Taylor.

While there she inadvertently trips an explosive trap for the Alien set by Waits.

Waits eventually provides Ripley and Samuels with safe haven and gets Taylor treated.  Ripley works with Waits and Ricardo (one of Waits men) to trap the Alien in the Project KG348 module.  While Ripley is in there, Waits remotely seals it and ejects the module into space.  Ripley EVAs back to Sevastopol.  Samuels meanwhile goes to try and access Apollo to lift the communications lockdown.  He succeeds at the cost of his own ‘life’, and Ripley discovers that Weyland Yutani had purchased Sevastopol and are making sure the Alien specimens are secured.

She discovers an Alien nest under the computer reactor core and initiates an overload to destroy.  Some of the Aliens escape however.  The core overload reboots all the systems and Ricardo thinks he may be able to get communications back up.  Unfortunately the comms are locked down again, so Ripley takes an ambulance shuttle and docks with the Anesidora, upon which Marlow escape earlier taking Taylor hostage, hoping to get him to dock so Sevastopol personnel can evacuate.  She finds a final personal transmission from her mother Ellen, explaining what happened on the Nostromo, shortly before Marlow initiates an overload.  Taylor knocks Marlow out and tries to help Ripley stop the overload, however they’re too late.  Taylor is killed as Ripley narrowly escapes on the ambulance shuttle.

The destruction of the Anesidora takes out one of Sevastopol’s orbital stabilisers and it begins to fall towards KG348.  Ripley goes EVA to manually align the stations comms dish and contacts the Torrens to effect a pick up via the station’s towing platform.  Once back inside she finds that Ricardo has been attacked by a facehugger.

Ripley makes it to the towing umbilical and disengages the docking clamp, an instant before she is mobbed by Aliens.  The concussion from the emergency release of the clamp jolts her and the Aliens free of the umbilical and lands Ripley at the Torrens hatch.  Sevastopol burns up in the atmosphere of KG348.

Back on board Ripley tries to contact Verlaine – only to find another Alien on board.  She narrowly escapes into an airlock blowing the Alien and herself back into space.

2137 (December 14)

Amanda is picked up and taken to Mendel Research Station.

Shortly after an Alien is unleashed on the station and all aboard are killed apart from Amanda who hides out in the airducts.

The re-routed courier ship USCSS Haldin arrives crewed by Miwa Saito and Dougal Studwick and carrying Weyland-Yutani staff Naoko Yutani and Andrew Thorncroft.  Needing supplies for the Haldin, Amanda guides the crew and passengers through the station and helping them evade the Alien.  They engineer the destruction of Mendel and escape.  Amanda’s actions are commended by Yutani.

NOTE: Sourced from the archive logs found throughout the game.  The dating in Isolation is generally fairly well considered with a couple of minor issues – the date the station was setup and transmission times.  Sevastopol is supposed to be located in the Zeta Reticuli region of space.  As Zeta 2 Reticuli is highly unlikely, it’s more likely in the nearby Zeta 1 Reticuli system.  As of 2179, some 40 years hence, this region is still something of a backwater where transmission turnaround times are 2 weeks.  Yet messages sent to and from the nearest WY office are about 24 hours, which seems way too fast.

The fact Sevastopol was founded in 2105, also begs the question of why Dallas didn’t take Kane there after they left LV-426 in 2122.  Especially considering that’s precisely what Marlow did with Foster after their similar encounter.

The dates for the Tanaka messages were based around the @MikeTanaka2095 Twitter account that Creative Assembly used to promote the game. As the contemporary days and months don’t correlate with the dates in evidence in the game, they have been modified to fit using common points of reference such as the official date of the decommissioning announcement and the San Cristobal lockdown. For the full rundown of Tanaka’s tweets, check out the The Nostromo Files or the Twitter account linked above.