Zula Hendricks joins the US Colonial Marine Corps. On her first combat mission, she is badly injured by successive artillery shell hits. This leaves her spine badly damaged and forced into extensive rehabilitation.

Assumed standard marine basic training of 13 weeks.

While undergoing treatment at Tranquillity Base on Luna, Zula befriends Company engineer Amanda Ripley. Later Amanda is re-assigned out of the Sol system.


2137 (December 14)

Colonial Marine Private Zula Hendricks accompanies a squad of Weyland-Yutani corporate security drones as they board the derelict Seegson Mass Hauler, Europa. They encounter a nest of Aliens that have wiped out the crew. Zula is injured during the fighting and one of the Davis units puts her into hypersleep. The Europa is set on course for the Zeta Doradus system – its last port of call.


2137 (December 17)

The last remnants of the Aliens on the Europa are eradicated – along with a number of Davis units who don’t join the mutiny led by Davis 01 against Weyland-Yutani.


2138 (January 10)

Zula awakens from hypersleep as the Europa approaches Seegson station LV 44-40 at Zeta Doradus. When Davis 01 tells her of the plans the Company has for the Xenomorphs, she agrees with his mutinous plans to stop them.


2138 (January 11)

Davis 01 and Hendricks board LV 44-40 for a search and rescue and re-arming mission. They find the crew dead, and Aliens infesting the station. Davis 01 downloads the station logs to the Europa while Zula finds a cache of weapons. They narrowly escape, destroying the specimens.



Sometime after leaving LV 44-40, the Davis units other than 01 reconnect to the Weyland-Yutani network, and their orders are updated. Davis 01 programs his own firewalls to block access to the Network. The other units try to seize control of the Europa and kill Hendricks and 01, but are unsuccessful and ultimately destroyed.

In the period that follows, Hendricks and Davis use data from LV 44-40 track Alien infestations to Wright-Aberra waystation (encountering the debris of a ship en route littered with the corpses of both humans and Xenomorphs).

At Wright-Aberra, they join up with sole survivor, Dr Hollis, and Zula is forced to destroy a Colonial Marine dropship escaping with Alien specimens. After leaving Hollis reveals she is carrying a Queen Alien embryo, which she manages to surgically remove. Davis freezes the creature in a specially prepared chamber – intending to use it as leverage against the USCM and Company.

However as environmental systems start to fail, Zula makes a deal with her doctor back on Earth to ensure their safe return. Things go from bad to worse, as the frozen compartment fails, waking the Queen and enabling her to grow to full size and the Europa is attacked by pirates. Outnumbered, Zula releases the Queen from containment and the resulting battle inflicts yet more damage on the ship.

Entering Earth-space, a USCM base fires on the Europa, sending it crashing towards Earth. Davis straps a fuel cell to the now dead Queen and incinerates it, while Hendricks and Hollis evacuate the ship in a lifeboat.

Hendricks goes back into rehab and treated for addiction to painkillers, but is discharged from the marines. Hollis has remnants of Alien Queen DNA removed by the Company, and dies in the process.

Zula hires some mercenaries and dives to the submerged wreck of the Europa, retrieving the main processor chip from Davis’ head.



Defiance presents the date of December 14 in the first issue, which is sometime shortly after the events of Alien Isolation, with which this series has some overlap. However, there’s some possible errors later in the story. When Zula retrieves some transmitted messages one mentions a hearing about her AWOL charges behind held on September 9, which Zula says she missed. However, there’s no indication she and Davis had been out in space for over 9 months. Zula later mentions a period of ‘weeks’ of them fighting the Aliens. Plus Zula complains about being in hypersleep at the start of the story for 27 days with no treatment on her back; 9 months with no proper treatment would rate a mention. For this reason I left out the ‘September 9’ reference.

Also in the messages is one from Amanda Ripley about her shipping out to Sevastopol. This occurred a few weeks prior to Zula’s mission. Coupled with Samuels saying that Amanda had been working in the region her mother disappeared at the start of the Isolation game, we can assume that Amanda had left the Sol system sometime earlier, was working in the Outer Rim, and the message she sent Zula, arrived after Zula had left on the Europa.