Life and Death – Predator/ Prometheus/ Aliens/ AvP


2220 (May)

Rapid response combat ship USS Hasdrubal arrives at LV-797 (aka Tartarus) with 33 personnel to investigate Seegson Corp staff potentially jumping a Weyland-Yutani claim.

They land and quickly find a Seegson camp – abandoned. They also find an Engineer Juggernaut ship. Soon after finding a Seegson survivor, Laurence Goode, a marine scouting party comes under attack from Predators. Chimo, Herrman and Garland are killed. Company Rep Lorimer demands Captain Paget secures the Juggernaut as highest priority, and more Seegson survivors – Melville and Captain Humble are found.

Another marine party, come under Predator attack. Stefopoulos and Bonito are killed by the creatures and Rucker accidentally kills Lee with friendly fire, before he also manages to kill one of the attackers. Sergeant Roth arrives with reinforcements, killing a second Predator before both combatants fall back.

Paget splits the marines in two teams – she will lead a ground team and Roth with take a team on one of their dropships – to secure the Juggernaut. The dropship is attacked and crashes onto the top of the huge ship. Roth leads a team inside. Paget’s team is also attacked and Talbot, Loman and Keynes are lost.

Finding the Juggernauts bridge and Seegson technology connected to the consoles, synthetic Singer says he believes he can get the ship airborne. The remaining Predators on the ground fall back to assist another on board the Juggernaut – Cracked Tusk. It emerges from hiding and kills Schrader, then attacks Roth and Singer. Inadvertently driving its wrist claws into the hypersleep pod of an Engineer it find itself stuck – just long enough for Humble to shoot it. Singer gets the ship into space and they rendezvous with Paget on board the Hasdrubal in orbit – no one noticing the bullet holes in the hypersleep pod.



2220 (May)

As the Hasdrubal and Juggernaut prepare to head for USCM Base Ganymede, the Engineer wakens and kills marine Indelicato. Roth and the others flee and the Engineer re-routes his ship to LV-223.

Setting down 6 days later, the Engineers disembarks and once gone, Roth leads the others out into a nearby forest – only to encounter Aliens. Rucker is abducted and Jhalil wounded by acid before the survivors of the Geryon Armada, led by Captain Angela Foster, manage to drive the Aliens back. They evacuate back to their stacked, Roth wary of Ahab – a Predator ally of Galgo Helder.

Galgo later discovers that the newly arrived Engineer has woken another of his people from one of the temples, and they are armed with black accelerant. The group devises a plan where Galgo and Ahab will run a diversion, Foster, Roth, Singer and Humble will board the Juggernaut and prepare it for take-off, after which Jill, Chris, Melville, Wearing, and Freebody will carry the wounded Jhalil to the ship.

Roth lures one of the Engineers away, and Foster, Singer and Humble get on board. It only works for a short time before the Engineer doubles back and launches the Juggernaut. Galgo and Ahab engage the second Engineer and come off second best. The others are surrounded by Xenomorphs.



2220 (May)

Wearing is killed by the Aliens and Chris is taken. Melville, Jill, Freebody and the wounded Jhalil fall back regroup with Roth. Nearby, Galgo, having evaded the Engineer, is himself encircled by the Aliens.

Roth’s team is rescued by Captain Paget and they head back to the orbiting Hasdrubal. During the debrief Roth insists on going back to try and rescue Chris and Rucker. Paget tells her troops that it’s strictly volunteers only for the mission. Joining Roth and Paget are Ancane, Freebody, Yung, Anders, Wilson, Edderly, Cross, Berlitz, Azzopardi, Ganz, Jill and Melville. Delaria stays in orbit with Sharif, Danziger, Ngan and Morten, along with Lorimer and Goode. The Company man makes a deal with Jill to rights over Chris’s body to extract the Alien she is no doubt carrying, if she gets top-level medical care.

Landing back on LV-223, Jill makes contact with Chris in the hive and they home in on her signal. Chris finds Rucker who births a deformed chestburster that quickly dies. Chris works out that the Aliens are sick and dying and she is carrying the last Queen embryo. The troops come under attack from the Aliens, but in the hive Chris shows the Queen she is holding a grenade and the Aliens withdraw.

Ahab rescues Galgo and they make for the dropship, only to see an Engineer destroy it. The Engineer then starts attacking the troops, killing Ancane and Edderly, before they scatter. Chris communicates to the Queen that an Engineer is coming to destroy them all, and the matriarch leaves the hive to fight it. The Queen seemingly kills the Engineer, just as the survivors – including Chris – arrive back at the LZ to find their dropship a burning wreckage.



2220 (May)

The orbiting Hasdrubal is over-run by Predators – having tracked it from LV-797 – and all aboard are killed. Paget and her remaining team – Roth, Jill, Chris, Melville, Freebody, Azzopardi, and Cross fall back to one of the Engineer installations. Freebody and Cross do a recon sweep and are attacked by Aliens – then rescued by Ahab and Galgo. Their relief is short lived when the Predators from LV-797 land and approach the temple. Ahab walks out to meet them and bests their ‘champion’, resulting in an alliance. An Alien horde attacks, trying to get Chris. Cross remotely calls down the freight shuttle from the Hasdrubal, then joins the other marines and Predators fighting the Aliens. Azzopardi falls and there are simply too many Aliens. Chris picks up a grenade and wades into the swarm. They bow down before her and she primes the explosive. The Queen chestburster explodes out of her and she dies, releasing the grenade. It detonates taking the new Queen and good number of Aliens with it. The rest withdraw, and the Predators depart – Ahab joining them.


Prometheus – Final Conflict

2220 (May)

On the Juggernaut, while the Engineer is in hypersleep, Foster, Singer and Humble determine the ship is heading to Earth – to complete the work that was supposed to commence 2000 years earlier; wiping out humanity. Singer manages to sabotage the controls dropping them to sub light speeds, and Foster uses the last of her grenades to kill the slumbering Engineer. The Juggernaut descends towards an apparently uninhabited world – but where, they do not know. Nor do they know when, if Singer’s assumptions about the Engineers being able to navigate time as well as space, are correct.

Back on LV-223, Paget’s survivors wait for the freight shuttle when the Engineer re-appears, badly wounded from its battle with the Queen. Bullets have some effect on the Engineer, but its personal shields remain intact. Melville tries to reason with it, but it tries to kill him, a short volley from Freebody’s smart gun saving him.

They retreat to an ampule chamber. Jill picks up one of them and they empty it into the tunnel in front of the advancing Engineer. It stands in the puddle and the pathogen reacts, causing the shields to fail and Paget to finally kill it.

Later on the Hasdrubal, Paget files a final report recommending a Black Alpha interdiction of LV-223, lists Foster, Singer and Humble as missing presumed dead and sets course for home.



Life & Death takes place over the course of about 9 days or so, but no exact date is given in the text (Foster says they’ve been on LV-223 “a long time” twice, but that’s about it). The blurb at the start of each issue is contradictory as it says it takes place 43 years after Aliens (2179 + 43 = 2222) and just over a year after the end of Fire & Stone (2219 + 1 = 2220). I’ve chosen to go with the latter number.