Fire and Stone – Aliens


2179 (July 3)

Thirty eight people, lead by Derrick Russell, Genevieve Dione and Nolan Cale escape the Alien infestation on LV-426 on the sublight ore drilling ship Onager.  They crash land on LV-223, in a mountainous jungle region.  A number of Aliens stowaway on the Onager with them and attack after setting down.

2179 (July 10)

Derrick Russell spots a leftover PUP from the Prometheus mission of 2193 in the makeshift camp setup by the Onager survivors.

2179 (July 19)

Russell sees the PUP again while running from an Alien attack.

2179 (July 28)

Russell spots the PUP again and beings to notice patterns with it’s re-appearances.

2179 (August 3)

Russell makes plans to capture the PUP.

2179 (August 8)

Russell succeeds in capturing the PUP.  He manages to activate it’s playback and discovers it is from a previous mission to LV-223.  Meanwhile the Onager survivors – now down to about twenty five in number – continue to debate their ongoing survival.  Cale favours an attack on the Onager where the Aliens have set up their hive, while Dione prefers constructing stronger defences.

2179 (August 16)

More survivors are taken during an Alien attack.

2179 (August 24)

The Aliens attack again but this time there are less casualties as the survivors get better at evading the creatures.

2179 (September 2)

Using data from the PUP, Russell sets off on a scouting expedition and finds the structures visited by the Prometheus crew.  He investigates and finds another living Engineer in hypersleep.  He retires to a cave away from the rest of the survivors and starts collating the data he’s collected.

2179 (September 12)

While fishing in a nearby lake, an Alien attacks and drowns a colonist named Luiz.  The accelerant in the water causes the Alien and Luiz to become a single fused being.

2179 (October 30)

The fused Alien/ Luiz creature attacks some colonists foraging for food.  It follows those who escape back to the camp, where it is ultimately killed by Cale.  Cale confesses that he knew the Aliens were on the Onager when they left LV-426, and Dione punches him.  Cale again suggests a mission back to the Onager for suppies and a transmitter so they can radio for help.

2179 (October 31)

Cale and three others find a Queen Alien on the Onager and all but Cale are killed.  He makes it out of the Onager with the transmitter, but is attacked by an Alien and falls into a puddle of accelerant.

That night, the accelerant mutated Cole attacks Dione in the camp, just as the Aliens launch an all out assault.  Russell hears the screams from his cave.

2179 (November 9)

Russell finds the wreckage of USCSS Prometheus and salvages some equipment, intending to use it to explore beyond the realms of the jungle.

2179 (November 12)

Russell finds the diary of another colonist, Standish, and comes across the mutated Cale.  He narrowly escapes back to his cave as Cale is confronted by a group of Aliens. He surmises that the moutain cave could be somehow protecting him from the Aliens.

Russell later ventures back to the structures he visited months earlier in a vain attempt to wake the sleeping Engineer.

2179 (December 4)

Russell does an experiment on an indigenous lifeform and discovers anything affected by the accelerant heals very quickly.  He spends most of time trying to unravel the mystery of the Engineers and accelerant.

2179 (December 15)

Suffering from increasingly bad headaches, Russell reprograms the PUP – nicknamed Rover – to scan him biologically.  It shows what might be tumours in his head.  It also picks up a signal of human origin beneath the mountain where his cave is situated.

2179 (December 19)

While tending to the graveyard where the colonists bodies are buried, Russell again encounters the mutated Cale.  He manages to kill Cale with a wooden cross from one of the graves, but is ambushed by a group of Aliens.  He tries to run back to his cave but trips near a puddle of accelerant.  He contemplates using it to try and protect himself as the Aliens close in.


NOTES: A couple of continuity errors crop up in the Aliens series.  The first being the large number of colonists that got out of Hadley on the Onager.  This doesn’t really match the number of PDT signals Hudson discovers in the Atmosphere Processor.  157 minus 38 leaves 119.  There’s a lot more than 119 PDT signals seen in the film.  Another issue is the marines not knowing about the Onager and the possibility that some colonists might’ve escaped.  This is addressed to a degree in the short comic ‘Field Report’ where Hicks notes the ships presence (or lack thereof), but is interrupted by the fire alarm Ripley sets off in medlab.

Finally there’s the complete lack of knowledge of what’s been happening on the neighbouring moon, LV-223, for the past 85 years (ie. the accelerant induced terraforming).  And for over twenty of those years, LV-426 was less than a days travel away.  Nor is there any reasoning given for not detecting Elizabeth Shaw’s final transmission from Prometheus (though this is hinted at in other Fire and Stone comics and may ultimately be ‘off limits’ due to the forthcoming Prometheus sequel).