The Banned Histories – Pre-history to 2020

This page covers the Predator and Alien vs Predator films.

3000 BC

An ancient civilisation located in a huge cavern beneath the volcanic Bouvet Island, is at the height of it’s power.

Estimate based on Sebastian’s comments in Alien vs. Predator that said the pyramid was about 5000 years old. Since the ice sheet on Bouvetoya is several hundred feet thick, the pyramid at least 2000 feet below ground.

2000 BC

A Predator hunting expedition goes awry in Northern Cambodia when the Aliens multiply out of control. The Predators wipe out all trace of the infestation.

Estimate sourced from Alien vs. Predator novelisation.

1904 – October 10

Occupants of a whaling station on Bouvetoya in the South Atlantic Ocean caught between in the middle of a Predator/ Alien hunt, are slaughtered. One whaler, Karl Johanssen witnesses a Predator fighting an Alien before dying of hypothermia.

From Alien vs. Predator novelisation and deleted scene.

1941 – February 11

Billy Sole is born.

Based on birthdate of Sonny Landham.

1943 – February 26

Mac Eliot is born.

Based on birthdate of Bill Duke.

1947 – July 30

Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer born.

Based on birthdate of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

1948 – July 14

George Dillon is born.

Based on birthdate of Carl Weathers.

1951 – July 15

Blain Cooper is born.

Based on birthdate of Jesse Ventura.

1951 – October 9

Jorge ‘Poncho’ Ramirez is born.

Based on birthdate of Richard Chaves.

1953 – July 22

Michael Harrigan is born.

Based on birthdate of Danny Glover – shifted forward by seven years.

1955 – July 16

Danny Archuleta is born.

Based on birthdate of Ruben Blades – shifted forward by seven years.


Charles Bishop Weyland is born in New York, New York, USA.

Estimate based on Charles Bishop Weyland being well into his forties in the Alien vs. Predator novelisation.

1961 – August 16

Anna Gonsalves is born.

Based on birthdate of Elpidia Carrillo.

1961 – December 16

Rick Hawkins is born.

Based on birthdate of Shane Black.

1962 – May 17

Jerry Lambert is born.

Based on birthdate of Bill Paxton – shifted forward by seven years.

1964 – June 29

Leona Cantrell is born.

Based on birthdate of Maria Conchita Alonso – shifted forward by seven years.

1971 – January 23

Graham Miller is born in Scotland.

Based on birthdate of Ewen Bremner.

1971 – August 14

Sebastian Da Rosa is born in Sicily, Italy.

Based on birthdate of Raoul Bova

1971 – November 18

Dallas Howard is born.

Year based on Dallas being 32 as per AvP:R script. Date based on Steven Pasquale’s birthdate.

1976 – September 19

Alexa ‘Lex’ Woods is born.

Lex was 28 in the AvP novelisation. Date based on Sanaa Lathan’s birthdate.


Mike Harrigan joins the LAPD.

1979 – September 22

A nuclear detonation is detected about 2600km east-north-east of Bouvetoya. While suspicion falls on South Africa, no country ever claims responsibility. This is subsequently known as the Vela Incident.

Historical fact.


Mike Harrigan meets Danny Archuleta.


Weyland Industries is founded by Charles Bishop Weyland after he buys a cable franchise and telecommunications grid in the United States.

Estimate sourced from Alien vs. Predator novelisation.

1986 – October 29

Ricky Howard is born.

Based on Ricky being 17 as per AvP:R script. Date based on Johnny Lewis’ birthdate.

1987 – April 10

A helicopter carrying CIA operatives is shot down in Val Verde, Central America.

1987 – April 11

Captain Jim Hopper and his team of Green Berets are attacked and killed by a Predator while searching for the CIA operatives.

1987 – April 11 (Evening)

A Special Forces team lead by Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer with Mac Eliot, Jorge ‘Poncho’ Ramirez, Rick Hawkins, Blain Cooper and Billy Sole, arrives ostensibly to rescue two local cabinet ministers from rebels in Val Verde. Dutch is given his orders by General Phillips which includes taking Dutch’s old comrade, George Dillon – now with the CIA – on the mission.

1987 – April 12 (Pre-dawn)

Dutch’s team is inserted into the jungle.

1987 – April 12 (Morning)

The team quickly find the downed helicopter. Shortly after Billy finds the skinned remains of Jim Hopper and two of his men.  Later they find the camp where the hostages are held. All the rebels along with their Russian military advisers – apart from a woman called Anna, are killed. The CIA agents/ ‘cabinet ministers’ are found to be dead. Dillon takes Anna for interrogation as they make their way to the extraction point.

1987 – April 12 (Afternoon)

Anna makes a run for it during the afternoon, and Hawkins catches her – seconds before the cloaked Predator, that has been stalking them all day, kills him, and takes his body. The group fan out to search for Hawkins and machine gunner Blain is killed by the Predator. Dutch, Billy, Dillon, Mac and Poncho Ramirez level a section of forest with gun fire trying to kill Blain’s assailant, but fail.

1987 – April 12 (Night)

They set up a defensive position, but the Predator manages to sneak through the wires and take Blain’s body.

1987 – April 13

They set up a series of traps to catch the Predator, which is partially effective until the cloaked creature escapes and Poncho is injured when a log trap backfires. Mac spots the Predator and takes off after it, joined by Dillon while Dutch, Billy, Poncho and Anna make for the helicopter pickup.

Mac and Dillon are killed, as is Billy when he discards his weapons and attempts to take the Predator on hand to hand. Poncho is killed next and Dutch is injured while Anna escapes.

After falling into a river and crawling through mud on the bank, Dutch discovers the Predator can’t see him. He sets more primitive traps, covers himself in more mud, and that night issues a challenge.

1987 – April 14

The two battle after midnight, until Dutch manages to drop a huge log on the Predator, crippling it. It sets off a small nuclear device, which Dutch narrowly evades.

Around dawn, General Phillips and Anna aboard the chopper spot the mushroom cloud of the Predator’s bomb and Dutch is rescued.

From Predator.

Most Central American countries have their hottest time of year between March and May. The film doesn’t specifically mention Summer – Anna just says ‘This year grows hot’. So I went with April. The moon is full on the night of April 13-14. The moon in the film is not quite full when Mac (on first watch) eulogises Blain, and is seen to be full the following night when Dutch fights the Predator.

1997 – Mid June

A Predator ship secretly arrives in Los Angeles. Shortly after an OWLF Team lead by Peter J Keyes detects one of the creatures and begins gathering data.

1997 – July 3

After a bloody shoot out with police on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, members of El Scorpio, a Columbian drug cartel are slaughtered by a Predator.

1997 – July 3 (Night)

That night, members of a rival gag commanded by King Willie, kill a Columbian leader in his apartment before they themselves are killed by the Predator. The crime is investigated by Lt Mike Harrigan, Det. Danny Archuleta, Det. Leona Cantrell and new transfer from Rampart to Metro, Det. Jerry Lambert. They are soon removed from the case by Keyes team posing as Drug Enforcement Administration.

Around midnight Danny returns to the now deserted apartment, and finds a speartip weapon the Predator left behind. The Predator however is waiting for him and he is killed.

1997 – July 7 (Morning)

Cantrell and Lambert lose track of Keyes in the meat packing district after secretly trailing them for three days under instructions from Harrigan.

1997 – July 7 (Night)

That night Harrigan meets with King Wille trying to get information on who killed the drug gangsters as well as Danny. King Willie claims it is a demon, and after they part company, the Predator kills Willie, taking his head back to its ship as a trophy.

1997 – July 8

Dr Irene Edwards, to whom Harrigan gave the speartip found with Danny’s body, finds out it has traces of blood that suggests whoever killed Danny had recently been in a slaughterhouse. Harrigan tells Cantrell and Lambert to take the train to meet him at the meat packing district to try and find Keyes.

1997 – July 8 (Afternoon)

That afternoon, while on the train, Cantrell and Lambert try to break up a potentially lethal situation between gang members and commuters when the Predator attacks. It kills five gang members and a number of armed commuters, while Leona herds everyone away from the carnage. Jerry tries to hold off the Predator, but is also killed. Leona is spared after the Predator discovers she is pregnant.

1997 – July 8 (Night)

In the evening during the clean up, Harrigan arrives just in time to see the Predator tear out Jerry’s skull and spine and then escape. The Predator makes it’s way back towards the slaughterhouse over rooftops, while Harrigan chases it on the ground. Harrigan is ambushed by Keyes team and taken into custody as the Predator celebrates its kill in a short electrical storm.

Keyes explains to Harrigan what the Predator is and how his team want to catch it. The OWLF (Other World Life Form) team moves into the slaughterhouse where the Predator feeds, thinking their presence is masked by special suits. Suspicious, the Predator cycles through different vision modes until he spots Keyes’ team. The OWLF team is slaughtered before Harrigan goes in and shoots the Predator a number of times, bringing it down.

The Predator however is playing possum and throws Harrigan across the room. Harrigan is saved by a wounded Keyes, but the latter is quickly dispatched by the Predators smart disk weapon. It chases Harrigan onto the roof, where Harrigan gets the upper hand, tackling the Predator forcing both of them onto a narrow ledge. The Predator, thinking it has been beaten tries to activate its mini-nuke, but Harrigan cuts off the arm holding the device. The creature manages to heal itself as Harrigan pursues, ultimately ending up in the Predator’s ship hidden in the sewer. There, Harrigan finally manages to kill the Predator, and is given an old flintlock pistol by the Predators shipmates as a form of reward.

He narrowly escapes as the ship takes off, much to the annoyance of Keyes assistant, Garber.

From Predator 2.

I originally dated the film to late July early September again using the moon as a guide – or lack thereof in this instance.  However the Hunting Grounds game features recordings by Keyes’ son Sean (from The Predator), that reveal that the skinned bodies were found on July 2 and OWLF was en route.  This doesn’t really correlate with the film where OWLF was already on their way before the Predator attacked El Scorpio at the start of the film (and had been tracking it for the previous two weeks anyway).  So I’ve taken the reference in the Hunting Grounds tapes as another skinning event that happened the day before the film started.  Later tapes have OWLF in place to trap the Predator at the slaughterhouse on July 8 so have taken that as more direct connection to the film.


Colonel Alexander Woods submits his final report regarding the Vela Incident off Bouvetoya in 1979, and those believed responsible. The results are inconclusive, and faulty equipment on the satellite cannot be ruled out.

Alexa Woods begins working on ‘The Ice’ (Arctic/ Antarctic environments) and later in the year, she and her father climb Mount Ranier. Following complications from a broken leg, Colonel Woods dies during the descent.

Estimate sourced from Alien vs. Predator film and novelisation.


Lex Woods climbs Mount Everest without oxygen tanks.

Estimate sourced from Alien vs. Predator novelisation.


Dallas Howard is sentenced to 3 years in jail for breaking and entering.

From Alien vs. Predator: Requiem.

April 2003

Sebastian Da Rosa starts working on an archeological dig in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Estimate sourced from Alien vs. Predator novelisation.

2004 – October 3

Weyland Industries satellite P12 picks up a heat bloom over Antarctica and the icebreaker Piper Maru is dispatched to investigate. Maxwell Stafford starts combing the globe looking for various experts for the expedition.

From Alien vs Predator

2004 – October 8

Stafford meets Alexa ‘Lex’ Woods in Nepal asking for her assistance aboard the Piper Maru.

Late that day Stafford meets with Professor Sebastian De Rosa and his assistant Thomas in Teotihuacan to recruit them for the Piper Maru expedition.

From Alien vs. Predator. Nepal is about 11 hours ahead of Mexico and Stafford meets with Da Rosa in the late afternoon.

2004 – October 9

Lex and Doctor Graham Miller fly from Cape Town to meet the Piper Maru enroute to Bouvetoya. Lex initially refuses to join the expedition due to insufficient time to train the other members. Miller and De Rosa eventually change her mind.

From Alien vs. Predator

2004 – October 10

The Piper Maru arrives at Bouvet Island.

2004 – October 10 (Approx 7:15pm UT)

Party leaves Piper Maru.

2004 – October 10 (7:45pm UT)

Party arrives at an abandoned whaling station and discover a hole melted into the ice that leads directly to a pyramid buried under the island. Lex leads Weyland, De Rosa, Miller, Stafford, Parks, Verheiden, Joshi, Cannon Rousseau, Connors, Bass, Stone and three others down the ice tunnel, while Quinn’s drilling team and a Weyland Industries security party remain at the whaling station.

2004 – October 10 (10:00pm UT)

Lex’s party reaches the bottom of the ice tunnel and they enter the pyramid.

2004 – October 10 (10:15pm UT)

They discover the Sacrificial Chamber in the pyramid.

2004 – October 10 (10:30pm UT)

Lex, Weyland, De Rosa, Miller, Stafford, Verhieden, Connors, Bass and Stone move down to a lower chamber and discover a sarcophogous containing strange artifacts, while Rousseau, Parks, Joshi, Cannon and the others catalogue the Sacrificial chamber.

2004 – October 10 (10:45pm UT)

Lex suggests they head back to the whaling camp and return in the morning. Before they do, Stafford and his men remove the artifacts, which springs a trap that turns the pyramid into a labyrinth.

Rousseau, Parks, Joshi, Cannon and the others are trapped in the Sacrificial Chamber. Seven Alien eggs appear on raised platforms and the group are attacked by facehuggers.

2004 – October 10 (10:55pm UT)

The facehugger drops off Rousseau, and a chestburster shortly emerges from her chest.

Lex leads the group out of the sarcophogous chamber in an attempt to get out of the pyramid. Shortly after Stone and Bass are killed by Predators. In the confusion of the attack, the pyramid reconfigures and the group is split into three parts – Lex, Weyland, De Rosa and Stafford; Miller and Verheiden; and Connors.

Connors, Miller and Verheiden are attacked and abducted by Aliens in separate incidents.

2004 – October 10 (11:05pm UT)

The pyramid reconfigures again and De Rosa correctly guesses it is changing every 10 minutes. The group moves on, but is attacked by two Predator. Stafford is pinned to a wall with a net and killed. The humans are saved when an Alien attacks the Predators. One is impaled on the Aliens tail, while the other is killed after a hand to hand fight.

2004 – October 10 (11:10pm UT)

Lex, Weyland and De Rosa escape before being confronted by a third Predator. It kills Weyland and pursues Lex and De Rosa. They barely escape as the pyramid reconfigures again and they are cut off from the Predator.

De Rosa finds some heiroglyphics that explain the history of the Predators on Earth. Meanwhile the remaining Predator fends off a couple of Alien attacks before falling to a facehugger.

2004 – October 10 (11:15pm)

The pyramid reconfigures yet again. Lex and De Rosa are chased by an Alien and almost escape by leaping across a chasm. De Rosa narrowly saves Lex before he is taken by an Alien. Lex meets up with the Predator and hands over one of the artifacts they discovered earlier. It is a shoulder mounted energy weapon. Before the Predator can use it he is attacked by an Alien. She uses a discarded spear to kill it, and the Predator spares her life. As more Aliens approach the Predator shoots a number of them with the shoulder gun. Nearby the Queen screams and the Aliens retreat to her aid.

The Predator sets his auto destruct device to go off and leaves it in the Alien hive.

The two run back to the ice tunnel, pursued by Aliens. One attacks the Predator, but Lex shoots it off. They jump on the cable sled and are hauled back to the surface as the bomb goes off. On the surface Lex and the Predator battle the Queen. The Predator is killed while Lex chains the Queen to a huge tank. The tank falls into the sea taking the Queen with it.

A Predator ship lands and more Predators emerge to pick up the body of their fallen comrade. Lex is left on the island while an Alien hatches from the dead Predator shortly after the ship departs.

From Alien vs. Predator

2004 – October 11

A PredAlien bursts out of a dead Predator in Earth orbit in the early hours (UT). Several hours later a scoutship with the PredAlien and two other Predators on board detaches and head back to Earth while passing Saturn.

2004 – October 11 (6:45am US MST)

Discovering the full size PredAlien, a Predator on the scoutship inadvertently shoots a hole in the hull. The scoutship crash lands in Gunnison, Colorado.

2004 – October 11 (8:00am US MST)

A hunter, Buddy Benson, and his son, Sam are attacked by facehuggers that escape the downed ship.

2004 – October 11 (5:21 US MST)

Sheriff Eddie Morales finds Buddy Benson’s truck parked in the woods.

Time on Morales’ dashboard.

2004 – October 11 (5:30pm US MST)

Buddy and Sam’s chestbursters hatch, and the resulting Aliens along with two more huggers from the ship attack and impgrenate two homeless men in Gunnison’s sewer system. Another homeless woman is also attacked by the PredAlien.

2004 – October 11 (8:00pm US MST)

A Predator, alerted by the crashed ship, arrives on Earth and prepares to eradicate the Aliens.

2004 – October 11 (10:00pm US MST)

Sheriff Morales, with Buddy’s wife Darcy and numerous townspeople search the forest for the missing Buddy and Sam.

2004 – October 12 (2:00am US MST)

Shortly after the search is called off, Deputy Ray Adams spots the Predator using a blue liquid to dissolve the dead bodies of Buddy and Sam along with their huggers. Ray is spotted and killed by the Predator.

2004 – October 12 (10:00am US MST)

Morales finds Ray’s body skinned and hanging from a tree.

2004 – October 12 (6:00pm US MST)

The Predator enters the sewer system to set a trap for the Aliens nesting there. Later that evening the Predator engages the Aliens, killing a couple while the others escape into the town. Carrie and her boss at the town diner are attacked.

2004 – October 12 (10:10pm US MST)

The Predator tracks an Alien to the power plant and in trying to kill it, destroys the infrastructure cutting power to the town. Meanwhile Ricky, Jesse, Dale and two of Dale’s friends, Mark and Nick, are attacked by an Alien at the high school. Ricky, Jesse and Dale escape. The Predator shows up and kills the Alien. Kelly and Molly escape their house when an Alien attacks and kills Molly’s father, Tim.

Time is from the clock on the wall at the swimming pool. It’s 10:05 when Jesse gets her gear off. The clock reads 10:10 when Dallas and Morales investigate later, indicating it stopped when the power was cut while Dale, Mark and Nick are fighting Ricky in the pool.

2004 – October 12 (10:45pm US MST)

Dallas and Morales meet up with Ricky, Jesse and Dale. Dallas and Morales investigate the high school, finding the pool empty and blood in the locker room. Meanwhile Darcy finds Carrie dead at the diner, a victim of multiple chestbursters.

Later, she meets up with Morales, Dallas, Ricky, Jesse and Dale, and they arm themselves in a department store, while the town is being evacuated. Lieutenant Woods of the National Guard arrives, but his troops are quickly despatched by the Aliens. Shortly after Kelly and Molly meet up Morales et al.

The PredAlien infiltrates the hospital maternity ward and impregnates a pregnant woman with multiple chestbursters.

The Predator tracks some Aliens to the department store. In the ensuing confrontation, Dale and two store clerks are killed.

2004 – October 13 (1:30am US MST)

Morales contacts the National Guard and is told by Colonel Stevens to go to the centre of town for an emergency airlift. Kelly drives a Stryker personnel carrier towards the pickup, but an argument ensues and after meeting up with a another group of survivors, Morales and Darcy go with them into town, while Kelly, Dallas, Ricky, Jesse and Drew (Ricky’s boss at the pizza store) head towards the hospital hoping to use the helicopter to escape.

Time taken from Morales’ watch – which changes from 1:20 to around 1:40. Split the difference.

While making their way to the roof, Drew and Jesse are killed and Ricky is wounded. Morales and the other townspeople meet Deputy Joe and a group of other survivors who are holding off Alien attacks in Gilliam Circle in the centre of town. Kelly, Ricky, Molly and Dallas fight their way to the helicopter, while the Predator and PredAlien face on on the hospital roof. The town is destroyed in a 200KT nuclear strike by the US government to contain the spread of the Aliens, just as the PredAlien and Predator mortally wound each other.

2004 – October 13 (6:50am US MST)

Kelly, Molly, Dallas and Ricky are taken into custody by army troops after Kelly crashes the helicopter in the mountains not far from Gunnison.

It would seem to be not long before dawn when the troops appear.

Some time later Colonel Stevens hands a Predator gun used by Dallas to a woman named Yutani.

2008 – December

Nine ‘killers’ – a mercenary named Royce, an Isreali Defence Force sniper named Isabelle, a Los Zetas drug enforcer named Chuchillo, a Spetznas machine gunner named Nickolai Mikhailovic, a Yakuza named Hanzo, and RUF death squad member named Mombasa, serial murderer and rapist Walter Stans, and a doctor named Edwin (later also revealed to be a serial killer) – are abducted from various locations around the world and dropped via parachute onto a game preserve planet by a Predator clan in order to be hunted.  The ninth unknown killer’s chute doesn’t open and he is killed in the fall.

Over the course of the next 24 hours or so, each of them is killed.  Chuchillo is first when the group is flushed out by Predator hounds, and he is used to try and trap the others.   Mombasa is killed by a cloaked Predator after they come across their camp.  After meeting and being betrayed by a US Air Cavalryman named Ronald Noland who has survived on the planet for some years, Nickolai blows himself up taking one of the Predators with him.

Escaping Noland’s trap, Stans is killed trying to stab a Predator buying Royce, Isabelle, Edwin and Hanzo some time to try and reach the ship the hunters have at their camp.  Hanzo fights one Predator with a katana he retrieved from Noland, killing it, while also being fatally wounded.

Edwin is hurt in a trap and he and Isabelle are abandoned by Royce.  Edwin’s true nature is finally revealed to Isabelle, as he paralyses her, intending to kill her slowly.  Royce meanwhile frees a Predator from another clan, imprisoned at camp, intending to use it to help him get off the planet.  The Predators do battle and the formerly imprisoned Predator is killed.  The victor remotely destroys his escaping ship.  Royce, who wasn’t on the ship, rescues Isabelle from Edwin, then booby traps the latter with grenades, wounding the remaining Predator.  They fight, Isabelle shooting and further wounding the Predator as Royce is about to be killed.  Royce fights back and ultimately decapitates the creature.

Next morning, Royce and Isabelle see more parachutes dropping and leave the camp, searching for a way to leave the planet.

2020 – October

A ‘Fugitive’ Predator crash lands his ship in Mexico, and kills the other members of Captain Quinn McKenna’s covert ops team.  McKenna incapacitates the the creature and mails the helmet and gauntlet he stole from it to a post office box in the United States.

2020 – October 31

McKenna is ‘debriefed’ and assigned to a psychiatric hospital with a number of other soldiers – Williams, Coyle, Nettles, Lynch and Baxley – who dub themselves The Loonies.  Meanwhile Casey Brackett, and evolutionary biologist is seconded to Project Stargazer by director Will Trager to study the captive Fugitive Predator.

The parcel containing the helmet and gauntlet is delivered to McKenna’s wife and son, and his son Rory manages to work out how to use it, translating the Predator language.  Another Predator arrives on Earth searching for the Fugitive.

The bus carrying the Loonies is re-directed to Stargazer so Quinn can be used on the project.  As they arrive the Fugitive breaks out, kills a number of people and is pursued by Casey.  It escapes and Casey joins the Loonies in order to retrieve the helmet and gauntlet from Rory.

Rory is out trick or treating with the helmet and inadvertently blows up a house with a plasma weapon.  The Fugitive shows up to get it’s equipment but is met by the much larger pursuing Predator and killed.  Quinn and the Loonies rescue Rory, but he’s subsequently abducted by Traeger who wants him to translate the Predator language.

The Predator arrives, killing Lynch and Traeger and McKenna’s different teams are force to join up to fight it.  In the carnage that follows, Baxley, Coyle, and Traeger are killed, leaving McKenna, Williams, Nettles and Bracket to chase after the creature when it abducts Rory.  All but Casey make it to the Predator’s ship, but Nettles is killed when the ships shield is turned on and Williams sacrifices himself to cripple its engines.

Following the ships crash, Quinn, Rory and Casey manage to to turn the Predator’s technology against it, ultimately defeating it.

Sometime later, Quinn visits Rory who is working with Stargazer now, helping them translate the Predator language.  A pod that was ejected by the Fugitive opens and a piece of equipment known as the Predator Killer – a heavily armed armoured suit – is activated.  It was a gift to humanity from the Fugitive Predator to fight back against it’s own kind. McKenna hopes the suit is his size.

Predator 2 Notes:

Years of birth for the characters in Predator 2 shifted forward by 7 years due to the ‘near future’ setting of 1997 with the film being produced in 1990.  Thanks to Sylvain Clipet for bringing dates from Hunting Grounds to my attention.

Alien vs Predator Notes:

There are several astronomical errors here. There is no Full Moon on October 10. It’s nearly New on that date and would barely be visible.

The Alien vs. Predator novelisation has Miller mentioning it’s Midday at some point prior to reaching the island – but it’s still completely dark. Bouvetoya is not far enough south to have days of complete darkness – especially not in the middle of Spring in the southern hemisphere. On October 10 there is eleven and a half hours of daylight.

Even if there was a Full Moon on October 10, on that date the moon rises at 4:18am and sets at 1:35pm. The Sun rises at 4:49am and sets at 6:18pm. So a Full Moon would only be visible in a darkened sky for about half an hour. Yet it is always dark in external shots on the ice and at the whaling station.

Ignoring the errors and taking the darkness into account, we can conclude the party left the Piper Maru after nightfall and the bulk of the film takes place in less than 12 and a half hours. Times going from the boat to the whaling station and pyramid are estimates, that take into account Lex’s comments about returning the next day. The 10 minute reconfiguration time is based on these estimates – and ignores the ridiculously short Alien gestation time; much like the film-makers did.

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem Notes:

Considering this film directly follows the events of the AvP, it obviously takes place on October 11, 12 and 13. The film however doesn’t seem to have taken this into account. Using the real Gunnison, Colorado as a basis it seems unseasonably warm with many people getting around is short sleeve t-shirts. Average temps at that time in October are around 16°C. More importantly, one of Dale’s friends quips that he thought Halloween was in October; seemingly at odds with the fact that it IS October. (While the film was actually shot in Port Moody, Canada, the use of nearby Crested Butte on a bus in the film would indicate it’s meant to represent the actual Gunnison.  Despite the fact the actual Gunnison is not on a large body of water as shown in the film.  The aerials were shot around Vancouver, and West Vancouver and Stanley Park are identifiable in one shot),

Two dates are visible on in the film just before the doctor discovers the ‘belly bursters’ – 03 JUN 06 9:06, followed by 23 SEP 05 5:20.  Both on ECG monitors.  Neither of these dates make much sense.  They can’t be birth dates nor due dates of the women being monitored.

Many of the times where not directly available are based on the sunrise and sunset times of 7:12am and 6:38pm respectively and where the sun is in the scene. eg. When we see the Predator ship crashing from orbit, it’s shortly before sunrise in Colorado, but the sun is up by the time Buddy and Sam reach the ship – which seems to have crashed a fair distance from where they saw it over head.

Predators Notes:

This was the most difficult to date.  Most sources simply list the release year of the film (2010) as the timeframe.  However there’s two pieces of dialogue that enable us to make a more educated guess.  Nickolai says he was in combat in Chechnya, and Isabelle says the Asian and African jungle is too hot for this time of year.

Combat in Chechnya ceased on April 15, 2009, so the film must be set before that.  The hottest months throughout tropical African and South East Asia (same with the Amazon which Isabelle also mentions) range from February through to May.  So in order to place it as close to the release year as possible, but also conform with the dialogue in the film (and assuming they weren’t in ‘hypersleep’ for a year) I went with late 2008.

Mombasa also mentions being in combat, however the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone (which is speculated in the film and backed up by the characters backstory) effectively disbanded as an armed force in 2003, and it’s not possible to determine what combat he was involved in.  Additionally, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali who portrays Mombasa was born in 1974, and if the character is around the same age, and abducted to be a child solider around the age of 7, as his history suggests, this would’ve been around 1981 – some 10 years before the RUF existed.  His background is possibly too murky to be reliable.

The Predator Notes:

Although the film was released in 2018 and director Shane Black has suggested it took place prior to the previous film, the only year that has a full moon on Hallowe’en around the time of the films release is 2020.  The other nearest years are 2001 (the smartphones, TVs and computers aren’t from that year) and 2039.

I’ve yet to read the novelisation which may offer more insight.  I also have not studied background material (calendars, etc.) on blu-ray yet.

Thanks to Snowdog at AvP Galaxy for pics of the clock at the pool in AvP:R.

Another Note: There was much discussion for some years among fans over whether the AvP films constituted legitimate prequels to the four Alien films. The release of Prometheus in 2012 effectively settled the argument by offering an alternate history of Weyland Corp and its founder.  Alien Covenant then showed David creating the Alien making it impossible for them to have existed for thousands of years.

This idea was subsequently folded in the greater Alien continuity by Fox, relegating AvP.  While there are no references to AvP in the other Timeline pages, nor are there references to the first four Alien films on this page, the timeline has been included for the sake of being as complete as possible.

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