Martin Allahandro Carlos Perez is born.

2335 (March 18)

Jonathan Gediman is born.

2335 (April 13)

Johner is born.

2340 (March 4)

Dom Vriess is born in Saumar, Maine et Loire, France EU.

2344 (January 21)

Frank Elgyn is born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada-UA.

2345 (September 10)

Larry Purvis is born in San Francisco, California, UA.

Mid 24th Century

The android industry goes into a decline.

Speculation from Alien : Resurrection.

New laws pass strictly limiting the power of megacorporations.  Weyland-Yutani lose major contracts and effectively goes out of business.

Estimate from Alien : Resurrection. Gediman had never heard of Weyland-Yutani and Wren mentions it “happened decades ago”.  Dialogue in the Special Edition indicates they were bought out by Wal-Mart, but as this was not in the ‘official’ version of the film, it was ignored when Fox re-launched the brand in 2014-2015.  This enabled the Company to make a comeback and restore it to its once powerful position in the later years of the 24th century.


DNA samples belonging to Ellen Ripley who died on Fiorina 161 some 177 years earlier are re-discovered by the United System Military.

From Alien : Resurrection (novel).


Dr Mason Wren gains funding and begins research on Ripley’s DNA samples, in the hopes of cloning an Alien.

From Alien : Resurrection (novel).

Approx. 2377

The crew of the pirate craft Betty consisting of Captain Frank Elgyn, Sabra Hillard, Johner, Christie, and John Vriess run into trouble on the planet Kawlang. Vriess is crippled when shrapnel pierces his spinal column. After they escape Vriess is confined to a motorised wheelchair.

From Alien : Resurrection (novel). Estimating from the look of Vriess’ chair and how adept he is at handling it.


Doctors Jonathan Gediman, Carlyn Williamson, Matt Kinloch, Yoshi Watanabe, Brian Clauss, Dan Sprague are assigned to the top secret medical research vessel USM Auriga along with graduate Trish Fontaine. The first of the Ripley clones are created.

From Alien : Resurrection (novel).

In an attempt to revitalise the android industry, second generation androids or Auton’s (androids designed by androids) are developed. The Autons rebel, a re-call is issued and only a few escape the ensuing massacre.

From Alien : Resurrection. Estimate based on Call’s dialogue about the Mainframe containing information about the Ripley cloning project as well as the Betty crew.


Annalee Call joins the crew of the Betty.

From Alien : Resurrection. Estimating that Call hadn’t been on the Betty for very long.

2380 (March)

Vincent Distephano is assigned to the USM Auriga

From Alien : Resurrection (novel). Distephano was 10 months into his 12 month tour during the events in Alien Resurrection.

2380 (December)

A transport carrying workers to the planet Xarem is intercepted by the Betty. The passengers are taken hostage.

2380 (December 31)

Doctors Wren and Gediman aboard the USM Auriga, stationed just beyond Pluto’s orbit and commanded by General Perez, successfully create a clone of Ellen Ripley on the eighth attempt. The Alien Queen inside her is removed, but some of their DNA mixes during the cloning process.

2381 (January 3)

Ripley #8 attacks Dr Wren during a routine medical examination.

2381 (January 4)

The Betty docks with the Auriga and unloads it’s cargo. The abducted passengers are impregnated with Alien embryos which hatch shortly after.

2381 (January 6 – T-minus 3 hours to Earth dock)

The full grown Aliens escape and run amock through the ship, killing or capturing most of the crew, including General Perez. Ripley along with Dr Wren, Private Vincent Distephano and the crew of the Betty attempt to escape from the Auriga which is autopiloting back to Earth. During the escape, Elgyn, Christie, and Hillard are killed or captured. They encounter Ripley’s seven previous clones which Ripley destroys, and one impregnated survivor from the Xarem transport named Larry Purvis. Wren turns on the group and shoots Call, making his own way to the Betty.

2381 (January 6 – T-minus 90 (42) minutes to Earth dock)

It is revealed that Call is an Auton. Call accesses ‘Father’ (the Auriga’s computer) and adjusts it’s flight path so it will crash, rather than land on Earth, and speeds the ship up (thereby speeding up the ships flight time to 42 minutes). Ripley is captured by the Aliens, while Call, Johner, Vriess, Distephano and Purvis make it to the Betty. However Wren has beaten them already and threatens to kill Call unless she resets the Auriga’s flight path. As Purvis’ embryo begins to emerge, he fights Wren, placing Wren’s head over his chest. The embryo hatches killing Purvis and Wren. Distephano, Johner, and Call kill the chestburster.

Meanwhile, Ripley witnesses the birth of the Newborn, an Alien/ Human hybrid. The Newborn kills the Alien Queen, then comes after Ripley. Ripley races back to the Betty and boards, just as is takes off.

2381 (January 6 – T-minus 20 seconds window of departure)

Call is confronted by the Newborn in the Betty’s cargo bay. The Betty departs the Auriga. Distephano goes to the cargo to help Call and is killed by the Newborn.

2381 (January 6 – 4:00am UT)

The Auriga crashes into southern Africa and explodes at approximately 6:00am local time.

Ripley manages to tame the Newborn momentarily, while flinging some of her own acidic blood on a porthole. The porthole disintegrates and the Newborn is sucked out. The Betty enters Earth’s atmosphere and evenutally lands in ship graveyard near Montmatre in Paris. Ripley and Call contemplate their next move.

From Alien : Resurrection. In the film Call said that Ellen Ripley had been dead for 200 years (she said ‘over 200’ in the novel). I orginally estimated that 200 could possibly be anything from 200 – 220 years, and therefore took a guess and placed Alien : Resurrection in 2389 (210 years after the events in Alien 3).

However, whilst doing a bit more research, I found out (via The Solar System Simulator) that Pluto, Jupiter, and Earth are very close to being in alignment in January 2381. Being an emergency, the Auriga would have taken the shortest route back to Earth (ie. a straight line). This straight line took it past Jupiter. Therefore Alien : Resurrection takes place 202 years after the events in Alien 3. The date was futher refined by the phase of the moon visible in the Auriga’s approach to Earth.

Information has been researched from the four Alien films and their novelisations, and is based on the date ‘6/12/79’ given by Ripley in Aliens. Judging from the technology in the series, I’ve assumed this date to be the 12th of June 2179. If information or events in a novelisation contradict a film, then the film takes precedence.
Some information also taken from Aliens : Colonial Marines Technical Manual by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood.
Ages of characters are based on the actors age, unless specifically stated in films or novelisations. Some estimates are a best guess from all available data. Some estimates are a complete guess, and may therefore be wildly innaccurate.