Update 2017 (September 14) – Covenant date adjustments and details about LV-223 and Planet 4

Have made some adjustments to the dates for Covenant, changing the date for the action on Planet 4 after determining that it was 2 weeks after the accident on December 5 2104.

Also added details for LV-223 and 16EG14 (aka Planet 4) and its star in the Planets section.

Some notes on C234 and Planet 4.  Looking at the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram – the figures for the star don’t really work. The star could be among the hottest and most luminous main sequence stars, but it doesn’t appear to fit in the F5 spectral class.

Such a star would have a habitable zone of (approx) 900 AU from it (+/- about 150 AU). I don’t know if this is feasible or not. The star doesn’t appear to be that far away in the film – but on the other hand it is 18 times the size of our Sun, 40 times more massive, and 6 and half times hotter.

A year on 16EG14 would be in the realm of 4268 Earth years. http://www.calctool.org/CALC/phys/astronomy/planet_orbit


(Of course these are the musings of a layman and not an astrophysicist.)