Sea of Sorrows

Late 24th century

United Systems Military collapses.  The long dormant Weyland-Yutani Corporation reforms and re-terraforms the Earth in the wake of the crash of USM Auriga in 2381.


LV-178 is colonised and re-christened New Galveston by terraformer Rick Pierce.  Over the next 30 years three separate cities will be founded.


Bethany, daughter of Alan and Linda Decker is born.


Ella, second daughter of Alan and Linda Decker is born.


Josh, son of Alan and Linda Decker is born.


Alan and Linda Decker get divorced.


Plans for a fourth city on New Galveston run into problems when the proposed sites ground proves unexpectedly soft.  Alan Decker and Lucas Rand – deputy commissioner and engineer respectively – of the Interstellar Commerce Commission, are despatched to investigate.

2496 (early November)

Decker, suffers an industrial accident when a probe platform at the site on New Galveston, named Sea of Sorrows, collapses on top of him.  His leg is badly injured and he is sent back to Earth.  Before he goes into hypersleep his discovers that Kelland Mining – an old subsidiary of Weyland-Yutani – had a mine at the Sea of Sorrows in the 22nd century, but failed to disclose this to the ICC.  He menions this in his report.

2496 (late December)

Alan Decker arrives back on Earth to find that Weyland-Yutani is putting pressure on the ICC to change the report about the old mine on New Galveston.

2497 (late January)

Decker is suspended without pay pending an investigation of the accident and his actions on New Galveston.  He is subsequently abducted by mercenaries in the pay of Weyland-Yutani and taken back to LV-178 aboard the Kiangya under Captain Cherbourg.

2497 (mid March)

Upon waking from hypersleep, Company Rep Andrea Rollins informs Decker that they effectively ‘own’ him.  He is a distant descendant of the Ripley family, and as such he owes them for the damage Ripley caused to the Nostromo and its payload.  Rollins also reveals that Decker has some low level psychic abilities.  This explains the nightmares about the Aliens that Decker has been having – creatures he has no previous knowledge of.  His ‘psychic’ link with the Aliens will aid their mission. With 35 mercenaries at Rollins’ command, Decker is left in no position to object.  He is to work with the mercenaries, enter the newly uncovered mine that was previously visited by Ripley, Hoop and the crew of the Marion in 2159, and secure Alien specimens.  If successful they will consider his debt paid.

The thirty five mercenaries, under the command of a man called Manning land at the new mining site that has been established in the months since Decker was on the planet.  The following day the descend into the mine to secure specimens with Company Rep Tom Willis.

At the bottom of the mine, Dr Nigel Silas and his science team find an ancient extraterrestrial city, but also find Alien eggs and a scientist named Colleen is facehugged.  Over the course of the next several hours, the mercenary team is all but wiped out by the Aliens.

Billy Rodriguez is first, followed by DiTillio and Joyce while investigating one of the myriad silica tunnels in the mine.  A second group consisting of Connors, Hunsucker, Groff, Juergens, and Blake are the next to be taken or killed by the Aliens.  A group based on the bottom of mine is cut off from the surface when Dr Silas blows up the elevator, reasoning that the Aliens can’t be allowed to reach the surface.  Dae Cho shoots him, but their position is also over-run, and Cho is killed.  Dina Perkins and Piotrowicz are taken to the nest and impregnated.  Also killed, either with Cho’s group or the group Manning lead into the tunnels are Garth, Hartsfield, Dwadji, Bridges, Krezel, Anderson, Lutz, Estrada, Sanchez, Vogel, Holbrook, Wilson, Duchamp, Denang, Kelso, Nico, Brumby, Izzo, Simonson, Foster, Ferguson, Llewellyn, Leibowitz and Rosemont (one of Silas’ group).

Manning, Decker, Muller, Adams, Elway, Llewellyn and Silent Dave discover the Alien Queen and kill her, but not before Adams and Elway are attacked by facehuggers.

Pilot Eddie Pritchett under instructions from Rollins flies back to the planet to retrieve samples from Willis’ office.  He encounters Willis while there, but Willis is also killed by an Alien.

Only Manning, Decker, Muller, Dave and the facehugged Adams and Elway make it back to the Kiangya.  During the evacuation Pritchett is killed by an Alien, which Manning traps with a foam gun that fires rapidly hardening cement.  Decker further ostracises himself from Manning when he tries to kill Elway.

With everyone stationed at the mining colony dead, Rollins authorises that it be nuked from orbit.  The trapped Alien is secured and Adams and Elway are put into hypersleep.  Rollins tells Decker that his debt is paid and he’s being sent back to Earth – despite his protestations that all the Aliens must be destroyed.  Rollins tells him the Aliens are going elsewhere.


NOTES:  Some odd continuity errors in this one.  It’s mentioned that the Auriga crashed into Paris, which it obviously didn’t in the film.  This is referencing the extended edition of Alien Resurrection -which also included dialogue about the Company being bought out by Wal-Mart.  Which seems to not be the case (as it was in a special edition of the film rather than director-approved theatrical edition, the Wal-Mart thing wasn’t necessarily set in stone).  The context of this however is Decker remembering stories told to him by his grandfather – so it might be explained away via ‘Chinese whispers’.

Rollins mentions some history regarding Ripley’s history with the Aliens.  She says the Nostromo incident occurred 318 years earlier, which isn’t correct.  This would place in it 2179 (when Aliens occurred, rather than 2122 when it really happened).  She also says the Company has been trying to catch an Alien for 260 years, which takes us back to 2237 and doesn’t correlate with any existing history.

Internally, there’s a couple of mentions of there being 35 mercenaries, yet there are 38 named mercs including Pritchett the pilot.  Llewellyn seems to disappear without explanation towards the end of the book.  And it’s not mentioned how they flew back to the Kiangya with Pritchett dead.  The merc Izzo is no doubt named after Fox rep Josh Izzo.  A marine called Izzo also pops in the River of Pain novel.  The name would seem to be almost as cursed as the Ripley name.