Dead Orbit


ATOL Sphacteria, a Weyland-Yutani waystation orbiting U.P. Pylos in Wilderness Space, is attacked by raiders, who are ultimately repelled.


Sphacteria rescues three survivors from a derelict salvage ship. An accident with the cryotubes during the waking procedure burns the sleepers skin off. The two men and one woman are brought to Sphacteria and while Engineer Wascylewski searches through the derelicts logs, they’re called back to medical where chestbursters explode out of the two men.

Comms specialist Rook and Captain Hassan are soon abducted by the Aliens, and the unknown woman in medical wakes, taking Doctor Harrow hostage. When she learns that her crewmates are dead, she slits Harrow’s throat and tries to escape in the stations shuttle. In her panic she doesn’t disengage the umbilicals properly and the shuttle careens into the station, crippling it.

Wascylewski devises a plan with Park and Torrenson to blow the life support module clear of Sphacteria to use it as a life boat. However before they can complete the plan they’re attacked by the Aliens and only Wascylewski manages to escape to the observation deck.

T-Minus 4 hours 3 minutes

With only four hours until the station becomes hits atmosphere, Wascylewski dons a spacesuit and heads outside to try and continue with his plan. Re-entering, a near despressurisation knocks him out and he is taken to the Aliens nest, finding Hassan.

T-Minus 59 minutes

The Aliens are distracted by Torrenson, now mad, which gives Wascylewski enough time to escape the nest. He gets back into his suit, but is again attacked. Trying to kill Alien with a timed mining charge he instead blows himself outside. The Alien follows and he scrambles to the life support module and detonates the remaining charges. The module floats clear, but the badly wounded Alien continues after him. Wascylewski unpacks an oxygen tank from a storage compartment and Alien acid hits causing it to explode. The Alien is thrown away from the module and heads towards Pylos with the rest of the station.

Wascylewski heads inside and light himself a cigarette – noting there is only 4 hours 3 minutes till he runs out of air.