Update 2019 (May 14)


I’ve been a bit lax with updates for a while, and an update to include dates for the great new novel, Echo, by Seanan McGuire may or may not be on the cards shortly.  Got to check it with someone first.

In the meantime I’ve been releasing some videos since Alien Day last month.  Two series, one comparing the Alien films to The Hero’s Journey as espoused by Joseph Campbell; the other a study of each Alien encounter form the films based on some essays I wrote nearly 20 years ago.  The first series is planned to run for four episodes, then I may do two follow up series looking at the AvPs and the prequels.  The second series will have a series for each of the films from Alien to Resurrection and again, may have further series to cover the other films.

Current release schedule is one ep of one series per week.  Complete Encounters #1-3 will be out later this week.

Anyway, have a peak.



One thought on “Update 2019 (May 14)

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Fantastic, I will have to add this to my Weyland Yutani Files section. Great work 🙂


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