The Cold Forge

RB-232, a science station orbiting the star Kaufmann, also known as The Cold Forge, is officially commissioned.

July 2178
Director Dorian Sudler, a Weyland-Yutani auditor finishes ‘rightsizing’ the Luna shipyards and embarks on a year long hypersleep aboard the Athenian to science research station RB-232.

2179 (July 20)
A Seegson ship pinpoints the location of RB-232 and executes a plan to sabotage it.

2179 (July 22)
Dorian Sudler, aboard the Athenian, arrives at the Cold Forge to conduct an audit. The crew show him their three projects – one of which involves weaponising Aliens.
That night, one of the other projects – a computer virus named Silversmile infects the stations systems, wreaking havoc.

2179 (July 23)
As the crew battles to stop Silversmile, Sudler orders Marsalis to go outside in Marcus and manually lockdown the Alien kennels heatshields in order to protect the specimens.

2179 (July 24)
Dick Mackie interrupts Okoro Khambili vivisecting a live chimp in order to gather a sample of facehugger ‘seed’, when the subject attacks Khambili, tearing most of his face off.

2179 (July 26)
In the middle of the night, Blue (as Marcus) is summoned by Commander Cordozo and Sudler, as the backup server she had been keeping her research on (against Company policy) is exposed. She is locked out of Marcus while the server is removed.

2179 (July 27 0820 approx)
Marcus is remotely taken over by someone off the station and opens the Alien kennels. Sudler, Anne Wexler and a number of others are locked down in the SCIF as part of the quarantine procedure.
Blue reconnects to Marcus and joins Cordozo and the other crew, then reluctantly heads outside to manually arm the explosive bolts to detach the affected module from the station. Anne pleads with Blue to stop so they can escape, but both she and Cordozo are cut off and Blue heads back inside.
All security systems are soon offline and the station orders an evacuation. Blue is forgotten about by the other fleeing crew, so she crawls out of bed and into a wheelchair, making for the escape pods. She picks up Khambili along the way. Aliens board the Athenian however, killing the crew and causing the ship to rip a huge hole in the docking area. Several people are killed including Khambili and Cordozo. Blue is stuck at the crew end of the station and Sudler and group of others are stuck at the SCIF end.
Blue goes back to her room and recieves a message from a nearby ship that they can rescue her as long as she brings a specimen. She links to Marcus, who is in the hive programming a Powerloader to also be piloted by Blue. They find a tech called Javier and he pleads for death. Blue obliges before managing to get a hugger to attach to ‘her’ face and the seed is stored in Marcus’ gut.

2179 (July 28)
Dorian plans to escape the station with Anne, but when she refuses to leave her colleagues behind, he kills her. Blue and Dorian play a game of cat and mouse, with Dorian using the central computer to direct Aliens towards Blue and the other crew. Blue connects to the Loader and tries to kill Dorian, but the machine is mobbed by Aliens. Dorian spares Lucy Biltmore long enough to gain access to an escape pod – finding Marcus already there – before removing the helmet of Lucy’s pressure suit, killing her as well.
Blue directs the Loader to come and fetch her. Dorian learns that Blue is still alive, so leaves the escape pod and goes to finish her off. Someone from off the station takes over piloting the Powerloader and tries to kill Dorian. He evades the attack but is taken by the Aliens. Blue crawls into an empty egg crate that the Loader is carrying and is taken back to the pod and escapes with Marcus and the sample.

2179 (July 30)
Having been rescued, Blue meets with Seegson reps – who orchestrated the sabotage. They say they can help her with whatever research she wishes regarding the Aliens. The destruction of the Cold Forge will cost the Company millions, if not billions, and by the end of the financial year, Seegson will own 5% of Weyland-Yutani and seat on the board.