Update 2017 (August 2)

Hallo – First ‘news’ sort of post.

First – thanks to those who have left comments.  I didn’t really intend to have the individual pages being able to have commenting so I’ve disabled them.  I have read them though and will be taking them into account in future updates.

I’ve recently added some dates relating to Alien Covenant and will be refining them if and when more information comes to light when the Blu-Ray is released in a couple of weeks.  Then some more detailed information pertaining to Alan Dean Foster’s forthcoming ‘Origins’ novel when I’m in a position that won’t breach NDAs.

I’m in the middle of a complete re-write of the Alien portion of the Banned Histories (Comics, Novels, etc) after undertaking a major review of those materials.  This should be up shortly, before I attack the AvP portion and work that in as well.

Finally, there will be a page for the Rage War trilogy as soon as I get time to re-read it.

(If you do want to leave comments or questions – this is the place).