Update 2017 (October 7) – Lines of Planet 4

Trawling through the Covenant Blu-ray again last night and stumbled across this.  About 1 hour 39 or so, just after the Lifter flies away from the city we see this birds eye shot of the Covenant.  Of particular note are the shapes on the surface at the bottom of the frame.

cov lines no highlight

More photos taken with mobile phone camera I’m afraid, so I’ve highlighted the relevant bits.

cov lines

It almost appears as if there’s a letter ‘I’ in there.

Another city, or something akin to Nazca?  Either way God still don’t build in straight lines.

2 thoughts on “Update 2017 (October 7) – Lines of Planet 4

  1. Nice catch! I thought it would be helpful to look at photos of the Earth from orbit to get an idea of how big those structures you found might be. Here is a link I found to the Nazca Lines, seen from orbit: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Ancient_desert_markings_imaged_from_orbit

    Now, with the photo you ‘capped, we see Covenant post-rescue; since it appears stable, do you think the ship has returned to its previous parking orbit?

    I watched the segments where Tennessee progressively moves the Covenant from its 80 km parking orbit (Earth Thermosphere), to what looks like 55 kms (Earth Mesosphere) when we last see a readout before the rescue. (I note that he ordered Mother, with Upworth’s agreement, to take the ship down to 40 km (Earth Stratosphere?), but it doesn’t appear they dropped that low?)

    At any rate, here is a link to an orbital photo (taken from the ISS) of the Lake Erie area of the US, from a height of about 300 km (~200 mi). http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/in-space-how-far-away-can-you-see-earth

    The Finger Lakes are marked on that photo: Seneca Lake (the longest topmost) is the longest at 61.3 km. Perhaps that might help give some clue to how large those structures are you spotted? Of course, would the differences in Earth’s and Planet 4’s respective diameters be a factor to consider? I guess being 40 km above something, regardless of its size, wouldn’t matter?

    At any rate, thanks for the mental challenge, mate! Keep on eating your carrots… 😉


    • Yeah they would’ve taken Covenant back to a higher orbit as Tennessee wasn’t piloting at that point and he took Mother offline.
      Ricks says the plasma storm is in the thermosphere – which is a pretty large area in Earth terms. Possibly smaller considering the planet is much smaller. The altitudes mentioned later are 80km and 40km above the storm. Not sure how much you’d add on to that to the surface.

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